Can't remember name of anime movie

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Posted 10/5/19 , edited 10/5/19
There's this relatively old anime movie, made in the start to mid 2000's (i think, thats when i watched it anyway) that is about 2 kids/adolescents, using these monsters to fight, i think it was about either the worlds survival, or the survival of the world the monsters inhabit. As far as i remember, they used controllers to control their monsters through a tv/gaming console. At one point in the movie, they both have to use the toilet, which leaves the monsters to fend for themselves, which doesn't go well. Something tells me it's a digimon movie, maybe? But the way they control the monsters doesn't quite mesh in my head with that. I know it's not much to go on, but does anyone know the name of what i'm talking about?
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