Anime like Claymore?

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Posted 10/9/19 , edited 10/9/19
Hey all! So I've been into and watching various different anime for years and my favorite by far is Claymore by Norihiro Yagi. My anime taste are on opposite sides of the spectrum. My ideal anime is tragedy, gore, crime, death, and fighting for some cause. The ones I can list from the top of my head are B the Beginning, Rainbow, Black Lagoon, Basilisk, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Kill la Kill, El Cazador de la Bruja and many others. Minus Claymore, there isn't really one that focuses mainly on a badass female cast. And I don't mean the harems like Sekirei or ecchi like High School of the Dead or absolute fan service like Ikkitousen (if you can look past the 500 panty shots it's a really decent story). Does anyone know of any anime that's decent with a mainly female cast? Oh and before anyone says it:


Okay, there was my rant but seriously, are there any other good ones out there? I would like a series that's more relatable to me and the man saving the day or male protagonist is a trope that I'm just tired of.
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Posted 10/9/19 , edited 10/9/19
Have you tried Hinamatsuri more of a comedy than anything but the story is pretty good.
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It's hard to specify any female protagonist shows, cause there are so few, but I'll try recommending those I like and which have some somewhat big female characters. But the trope will still be there

Something that's a bit dark, but not really in the same spectrum as Claymore, but more like Kill la Kill, is: Akame ga Kill, it's pretty good and it fits some of the themes you like. If you haven't seen Code Geass, then that's a must. That's a show about a person that has a cause;) Maybe BTOOOM! and Mirai Nikki would be something for you as well, it's battle royale. Then there's horror / gore, the go-to is Higurashi or Hellsing: Ultimate, the latter being amazing and the former pretty good, just don't ever watch the dub, unless you want to bleed from your ears Tear jerkers / tragedy, to just name a few. Clannad, Toradora, Angel Beats, Your Name, A Silent Voice, Kanon, Air, Madoka Magica, Made in Abyss & Scrapped Princess.

Female protagonists:
Made in Abyss
Scrapped Princess
Madoka Magica

Other anime recommendations are basically just great stories and sorta what you described, but with male protagonists and some really important female side characters (with some, like Hellsing Ultimate, being the outliers)
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Posted 10/10/19 , edited 10/11/19
Well, II'm not sure if all of these might appeal to you, but I figured it couldn't hurt to potentially provide a few more shows to look into.

For the record, Claymore is a favorite of mine as well, however I normally don't like shows of that type at all. Just for full disclosure.

Anyway, one show to potentially try is Noir. It's something of a crime/assassin thriller with elements of, well, noir! While I haven't seen El Cazador de la Bruja, I know it is often grouped together with this show as well, so may be worth looking it.

Princess Principal is more of a spy-themed show with some minor SoL elements. Perhaps not on the level of action or gore you may be looking for, but it's still quite a good show that may be worth peeking at.

Blood+ probably ticks off a few of the traits you've described. It's mainly just a female protagonist rather than a female cast, but it has its merits.

A show that I think few others may think to mention is Vivid Strike, or the Nanoha franchise in general, such as the sequel to the original Nanoha A's The art style and character designs can be very off-putting for some, and the series may not be as dark or gory as the types of shows you've listed, but they do tend to have pretty great fights and tragedy, and the characters certainly fight for a cause.
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