Now another option for anime offline watching - Hulu "No Ads" plans

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Posted 10/12/19 , edited 10/13/19
Just got around to updating some iOS apps, and discovered that Hulu finally added a download feature, and it looks like that is coming to Android as well.

Per the description "now you can download thousands of TV shows and movies" which works by selecting the "'See What's Downloadable' button" and choosing "from thousands of titles available to download," which suggests to me that not everything is downloadable (which isn't that different from other streaming services which offer downloads.

Since it's just for the "No ads" plans (which I don't have since I took advantage of a 99 cents per month for 12-months deal last December), I'm not able to verify how well represented anime is in the downloadable content, but I'm guessing/hoping much of it is. Since both Crunchyroll and Funimation have some content on Hulu, this could be another option for those who would welcome that feature instead of using VRV or Funi's app, and are already paying or wouldn't mind paying the $12 for the No Ads plan.
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Posted 10/13/19 , edited 10/13/19
Hopefully Hulu gets rolled out worldwide along with Disney+
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Posted 10/13/19 , edited 29 days ago
I didn't even know there was a no-ad on Hulu. I'm fine with ads, I got the basic for me. since I fear I might not get anything done at all, probably be a bad idea to even use the download and watch later feature. however, for those who would like to watch later that don't have net connection of some sort, etc.

also for those that didn't know Hulu and Funimation are partners, so a large chunk of Funi simulcast goes to them, including some they have finished and dubbed. only set back Hulu stocks are mostly Disney so seeing their stuff for free to watch on other sites is going to be rare now. Disney and Sony/Funimation are horrible about hoarding their stuff, so is Netflix, however just one more hoarding to be on the lookout for.
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Posted 29 days ago , edited 29 days ago

admiral1983 wrote:

Hopefully Hulu gets rolled out worldwide along with Disney+

Given the amount of content on Hulu that is licensed from US TV networks (and in most cases is already licensed to someone else in other countries), that would be problematic. Even some of Hulu's originals have been licensed to companies in other countries. Hulu tried an expansion to Japan back in 2011, and ended up selling that part of the company to Nippon TV in 2014 (and it still operates under the Hulu name).

niotabunny wrote:

I didn't even know there was a no-ad on Hulu.

I see this more often than one should from people that use Hulu, despite it having been around for just over 4 years now. It is also a persistent perception among those that don't have Hulu that such an option doesn't exist (e.g. "I don't want to pay and still get ads").

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