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What video game would you live in?

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26 / F / Offline Forever
Posted 10/12/19 , edited 10/12/19
Which video game world would you live in?

Posted 10/12/19 , edited 10/13/19
Stardew, I hated the gameplay but a Harvest Moon-esque world would be cute to live in.
& I don't trust whoever would be running my Sims world.
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22 / M / Idaho
Posted 10/12/19 , edited 10/13/19
Los Santos is a criminal's paradise, crossing that out.

Minecraft would be lonely after a while, assuming that you're playing solo.

The Sims is run by one person, and what happens to the people really depends on the imagination of that person. Nope.

Stardew Valley seems peaceful for the most part, most likely my option

Azeroth is almost always in danger of being destroyed, or on the verge of war with thousands dying. Assuming that I'm the player character, I probably would choose it since the player character is basically a demigod. Otherwise, no.

Stardew Valley is my pick.
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 10/15/19 , edited 10/16/19
hmmmmmm hogwarts
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