Video not playing on my Amazon Fire TV

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Posted 11/6/19 , edited 11/7/19
So I've been trying to watch Demon Slayer using the Crunchyroll app on my 42" Toshiba Fire TV. After playing for a little bit it just stops playing and says:

"There was a problem playing the video. Please try again, or contact support if the problem persists." With an okay button on the bottom.

It does this and then I try to play it again and then it works again sometimes for a little bit. It's really frustrating. Now I couldn't find a FAQ/Support group that was for smart TV's but I do know that these Fire TV's/Sticks use some type of android type build. So that's why I posted here. But I want to know can I expect a patch for this app soon?
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Posted 11/17/19 , edited 11/17/19
It was fixed for a couple of days, now it just does not work. I have connected amazon, and the only way it works.

Is to clear the data, and cache, then log back in, it also helps to force the stop the app, when you are doing using it, because the app will keep working in the background, even if you are not using the app at that time.
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