After Session expired, premium status not recognized

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Posted 1/4/20 , edited 1/4/20
Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
Streaming Via: WiFi
Service Provider: Vodafon/Kabel Deutschland
Android OS:9 Kernel: 4.4.111-16626841
App Version:2.6.0

The session expiration surprised me to be honest, I am not carrying my password repository into vacations ;)
Everytime I reinstall I get the expiration popup. Logging in works without problem, but it does not recognize my status as premium custumer, watching videos on the website on the computer works flawlessly, but not on the app. It wants me to sign up for premium which I do have. Also my queue is empty in the app as my history is, which are not when logged in by browser.

If you need more information I am happy to provide. Thank you for your help, I hope this issue will be resolved soon!

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