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Updates to the Crunchyroll Queue Experience

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36 / M / Providence, RI
Posted 6 days ago , edited 6 days ago
So it took you guys like a month or so to make a post for this. While there being constant complaints on the forums in other subject posts, and staff overall not really addressing it. The lack of response and the fact that this change was just dropped without notice is what caused me to cancel my premium. And i'm sure i'm not the only one.
It's been 3 months since this post, and there don't yet seem to an updates/additions to the the filtering options.
Plus during that time the PS3 app can not seem to properly access the queue anymore. Specially tracking of watched content is limited to what has been watched via the PS3 app rather than the accounts queue itself. Until this issue is fixed and ideally more filtering options are available (or you just give us manual sorting back and test your damn programing for filters separately before dropping it live on members), i won't be returning to being a premium member. I'll most likely find my content elsewhere.
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54 / M / Inside the Anime...
Posted 6 days ago , edited 5 days ago
By the way I'm sure that this is all a bandwidth/ money saving exercise. Just add a bunch of crap to your list because it's broken anyways. Fill it up because you can, and CR is somehow using this to save money, so you might as well fill up what they gave you. I'm going to add a 100 anime to my list. The crap I don't watch will settle to the bottom, like whale crap at the bottom of the sea.
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Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
Hey CR,
It would help to get some feedback that improvements are coming, how far along things are, what holdups there are, etc. At least to let people know things are actively being worked on and moving.

Letting this hot-button issue fester for months without feedback is a non-optimal approach to community management.

Could we kindly get a touch on this thread with available information on status of updates and time frames regarding queue functionality? Right now people are assuming the worst and there's no upside to that.


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M / NJ
Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
I was told yesterday by Crunchyroll that killing the queue was one of the improvements!!!!!!
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39 / Inside your compu...
Posted 3 days ago , edited 20 hours ago

I cancelled renewal over some other CR stupidity but this disaster completely tops it in every way shape and form

Hey CR why are you in such an utterly hopeless mess? Aren't you guys swimming in cash by now?

Short recap summary of sordid affair:

1. Admin posted response (i.e. this useless thread) about the problem extremely late
2. Doesn't fix the problem anyway for months afterwards (so what's the point?!?! …….besides making more people even angrier! Yeah, congrats!)
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M / Singapore
Posted 22 hours ago , edited 20 hours ago
the private message cant be used?
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30 / F / Louisiana
Posted one hour ago , edited 5 hours from now
Is this like how messaging is temporarily unavailable... for the past 8 months?
I really love how I now have NO queue at all, and no watch history. That's super awesome how you're continuing to make your site unusable.
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