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Updates to the Crunchyroll Queue Experience

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Posted 7/12/21 , edited 12/7/21
I also dislike the new website, for many of the same reasons posted above: counter intuitive navigation, less exposure to episode release dates (which also leads to shows I may have been interested in watching passing my notice), no logic behind how the watchlist displays shows, tedious navigation to get to the crunchylists (it should have its own button on the top bar next to your main watchlist button, or each one should have their own button), subtitle synchronization issues, having to re-watch commercials because the player failed either by design (to force users to watch more commercials) or bug, the list is lengthy.

All this, and Crunchyroll allowing cyberbullying of one of its prominent customers, has made me glad I chose to drop my yearly premium subscription. With this new direction for Crunchyroll, I do not feel you have earned my financial support.

Go back to the old website. There was nothing wrong with it. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
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Posted 7/20/21 , edited 4/2/22
Ideally seasons and episodes, including specials and OVAs could follow along something like, and sort out the season labelling; please.

I want to be able to hide all dubs, and I especially don't want new episode notifications for a new dubbed episode after I've completed the sub version. Which is super infuriating when combined with mismatched season labels, sometimes I think there's a whole new season starting when it's just a new dub episode.

I'm in EU, take 86 for example, I have watched "S2" as that's the subbed season, and there's five "S1" choices for the available dubs.
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Posted 4/2/22 , edited 4/2/22
Another vote for sorting out your season labelling.

I just watched “S1” of Goblin slayer, usually I check to see if the episode names are the same but I trusted that the numbering was correct and even though the dub wasn’t as bad as they often are when I got to “S2” I found it was actually just the sub version which is my personal viewing preference. This is happening a lot recently and as it’s just a label on the collection it surely can’t be that hard to get them right? - other series where this has happened 86, in the land of leadale, platinum end, ReLife (this jumps from S1 to S3 for the OVA’s then to 14 and 16??? For the English dub), Saga of Tanya the Evil (S2 -> S22 for the movie with S32 as the OVA, dubs all have random numbers too) and many more. Even if at the backend you “have” to name the seasons poorly because your database/object library has been set up by poor DBA’s you should be able to introduce a ‘label’ field to feed the UI with something more coherent and consistent to the user.

I also concur with Kayotic18 being able to filter series by preferred language be that dubbed in a specific one or in Japanese with subs (even subs in specific languages) set in your account preferences would be an incredibly powerful and useful option.
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