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Posted 9 days ago , edited 9 days ago
I just got an E-mail that looks like it's from Crunchyroll but I have no idea what it says because the damn thing is in Spanish. In my options screen language is still set to English, so I have no idea why I got an E-mail that is in Spanish. It looks like it may be something about where I'm logging in from, maybe because it's been a while since the last time I logged onto the site, but I don't see the point of a notification I can't understand because the dummies sent it in the wrong language.
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Posted 3 days ago , edited 3 days ago
It sounds like you got the same email message as well when I logged into my PS4 and PC. So adding into the possible pool of people getting similar errors.

Just in case, Gmail thankfully asked if I wanted the message translated, it basically says that Crunchyroll noticed that you have logged into an unknown device (or maybe because it has been a long while since I've logged into those two platforms) and wants to verify if you are the one who logged in.

To summarize, got email notification in a different language after "new" login (Portuguese in my case), checked settings on PC, everything looks okay from there.
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