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Posted 2/19/20 , edited 2/19/20
So I've noticed this issue with quite a lot lately on my android TV.

I usually add shows to my watchlist on my PC but then prefere to launch up the app on my android TV and watch it on that instead.
As of late I've however noticed that if the show has a dub, more specifically a german dub, then it will add the first episode of the german dub as the "watch next" video on my frontpage.

Now, I live in sweden so I guess germany is somewhat nearby but that doesn't mean I want german dubs...

While that in of it self isn't a big problem the real issue is that I cant seem to access any other verision of said show from within the app. If I press the "more info" button when clicking on the episode and then the "show full series details" (or whatever the button is) it still shows me the dubs only. Even if there are multiple seasons it still only shows me the all the seasons but for that specific dub.

To work around it I currently have to start watching the sub verision in my browser than hit up the "recently watched" tab in the app to get it running propperly.
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