The best SoL out there I guess

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Posted 5/14/20 , edited 5/14/20
After the first 6 episodes, for me it´s so far the best SoL Anime out there.
Not only is the animation (especially ep 6) insanely good but also the plot isn´t missing anything.
It feels like it is really taken out of someones life and you can understand the emotions and feelings of all characters pretty well.
I´m not saying that there are no other good SoL anime (I´ve seen quite a lot) yet for me this one is kind of special and just elevates itself above all the other great shows.

What are your opinions on the show?
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Posted 7/24/20 , edited 7/24/20
Imho the show was realy good and refreshing. I loved the SoL- and ComeOutOfAge- Elements. The story itself was kinda anticipating but I think it wasnt the story that got me and other cought. I thinks the anime had a pretty good timing and overall atmosphere. The way how the charackter interact with other and their surroundings were realy enjoyable. I realy like the city they were in and all those places they visit. It was so compact and recognizable. The art style is catchy and diffrent to the other 2020 newcommers.

The show is differnt to what I saw in the last time. They put more weight on a suitable and humanlike mood then in a flashy and actionlike story line. Its the season highlight for me.
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