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Bleach Flash Game

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M / Posto se Azijati...
Posted 12/26/06 , edited 12/26/06
I have bleach.
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27 / M / Cyberspace
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/3/07
hey, thanks for the ideas guys! I really appreciate it ^_^

so, here is the news as far as the game goes...
There will be a 2 player Vs mode
There will be human vs computer Vs mode
There will be a training mode
There will be multiple mini-games
There will be MANY unlock ables and cheats
And there may or may not be a side scrolling beat em up mode (1 player and co-op modes)

Right now, my friend Ben and I are making the animations...there are a ton...
I am also doing the scripting for the start of attacks and the hit detection

Sofar we have completed the fallowing:
A scrolling background script
A test level
A movement script for the players in Vs mode
The main menu page (along with three streaming videos that are chosen from randomly)
4 songs have been uploaded and are being used
The health/energy bars are done
The damage calculation scripts are done.

so, If you guys have anything to add to that (probably more specific like the moves a char. can do or whatever.) please do ^_^
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28 / M / Where ever theres...
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
I guess all i can do is test the game out
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Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
Yeah do you have a test copy of the game? Sounds fun.
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29 / M / Toronto
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
What about showing blurbs when they release shikkai and "Howl, Zabimaru!" cause that would be wicked
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25 / M / Poplar Bluff, Mis...
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
U should add more characters like some captains and toshihiro. aka. whitey! (the young one)
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28 / M / Seattle
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
items? or you have to fight people to gain a shikai or bankai ability
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31 / M / your face
Posted 1/3/07 , edited 1/4/07
i wonder how aizen works......?
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27 / M / Cyberspace
Posted 1/4/07 , edited 1/4/07
I feel i should add more details about the game since you have a lot of questions.

first of all are the basics moves and they keys to use them.

-player 1

left: a
right: d
up: w
down: s

-player 2

left: left arrow
right: right arrow
up: up arrow
down: down arrow
a: j
b: k
l: l
r: ;

-high (l)
-mid (b)
-low (a)
-energy (r)
-bankai (l+r)
-block (down)
-jump (up)

second of all is what the moves will look like:

For the very big/devastating moves, for example, Ichigo going Bankai, Short video clips from the actual Japanese series will be used in conjunction with normal game animation. we are still working on the energy/power ups systems...but as i said, we have made the main health/energy bars that will be used for sure.

also, the chars. will be fully animated with moving GIFS...NO STICK

and just as a reminder...all tests are being done at my website (if you go there...there will be A LOT of unfinished stuff...but, we are working on it.

and again, I must ask for help...because there is only one good artist out of the two of us...animating these moves/combos takes a very long time...if any one could help with any portion of the game (video editing, supplying videos, animation, sketches, programming (actionscript), linking to the game on your website, or even just talking about it...please do and/or private message me.)

If there is anything else you can do that might help us, please private message me, thx.

I would also like to note that the reason I am only using those chars. right now is because they have the coolest moves for a game/have actually shown them in the series. as well as because we only have one artists...and this will take long enough as it is.

and to answer the questions above me directly...
1. I would love for you to test the game, I will add you to my friend and make sure you are informed when there is an update.

2. Its on the website ( click VS. Mode

3. it wont just say blurbs, it will have a video of them saying it (randomly chosen...multiple for each move).

4. I told you about adding more chars. already, but to let you know, there are already 3 captains (the list of chars. is on my first post.)

5. I might have a side scrolling version of the game where you use items and all that stuff...but that will be last to come.

6. Aizen isn't in this game (unless you want to help us animate?).
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29 / M / In the Kitchen, c...
Posted 1/4/07 , edited 1/5/07
I went to the site.
And I try out the thing.
On IE 7, the game did not start up.
It does not properly on my firefox either.
So I download the .swf file and play it on IE.
None of the choices worked including versus.
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31 / M / your face
Posted 1/4/07 , edited 1/5/07
that suks, only those characters....

at least i'll have fun with zaraki.
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27 / M / Cyberspace
Posted 1/8/07 , edited 1/9/07
hmmm, what version flash player do you have installed? (you need version 8 or higher) also, if you downloaded the swf, the vs. mode wont work because the game is actually about 50 files that dynamically loaded (more efficient).

well, anyways, my friend Ben just emailed me this, and i guess i should post it here.

Oh... and tell ReikiAddict that his idea is good and def. will be taken into consideration. (having blurbs of text for moves with manga-like comments. )

On 1/5/07, Ben Shechet


This game is a flash-based two-person fighter: the goal is a game style similar to streetfighter alpha 3.

It will use only Shinigami captains w/ the exception of Ichigo and one releasable character.

Explain attack system: three basic attacks + energy attacks... combination moves = specials...

Bankai will be a single attack... not a character transformation... in order to keep animation at a relatively reasonable level (I DONT WANT TO ANIMATE 2 diff. people with diff moves for every char. )-- it will act like all other combos/supermoves... just be the most powerful and energy consuming.

Right now our goal is to brainstorm ideas... and create a functioning demo with one working char.... ichigo.... so that it can be tested/played with/ etc. We will then add the other char. more combos, improve the fighting system etc.

Right now we need suggestions for attacks, combos, improvements for the menus, and (if any one is interested...) animation. Ichigo is the first char. were making so ideas for him would be most useful. (so far we have a basic movement and menu system and sprites for ichigos head/legs...)

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F / somewhere on eart...
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/3/08

that's really cool i'm looking forward to it

and i agree that a practice or training mode might be good
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24 / M
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/3/08

tlm wrote:

Hello, my name is Tom Palmer, and my friend Ben Sheket and I are making a flash game based on the anime series Bleach.

Sofar we have come up with some basic ideas (sry...they cant be changed...) but there is a lot more that we can, if you don't mind, I would appreciate some help ^_^

The game is called Bleach: Shinigami Showdown, it is a 2d arcade style fighter game...(kind of like street fight...just with Bleach)

There will be 6 main chars. and 1 unlockable...(I may be able to add more...they just wouldnt be in the select menu...)

the 6 main Chars. include: ( I won't say the unlockable)

Kuchiki Byakuya

tho I am starting on the 1st player vs. 2nd player right now...this is what i hope to have in the main context menu:

Career Mode
Vrs. Mode

If you have any ideas that may be of help to me...plz feel free to PM me or just post it up here.

If you would like to help with this project (maybe animating...or something else..PM me an email adress I can used to contact you, along with what you would like to assist of with...(if you do help, your name will be in the Credits (if u choose) )...furthermore, every1 who posts or PMs me an idea that I use can also have their name in the credits.)

thy should all have a final attack like bankai for who has it and another attack for who doesnt have bankai

and please please put chad in the game and urahara

you can use this

and this for ichigo if you want
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28 / a LittLe Red Dot...
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/3/08
jus wondering... y isnt there Rukia or any female characters???
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