Online Games...What's Good?
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Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/26/07
If I have any grammar errors, then I apologize to you and hope you are still able to read thruough it.
I was wondering, about the game ROSE, can someone give me a little bt more information on it.
On the game, Maple Story, can it work on Vista yet? My friend says Vista has components or something that allwos XP to work on it but I am not sure.
Any online games that you can recommend?
By the way, this is my first forum post, so I don't know what I really need to write and how much of it to post.
Leave your comments regarding the games or anything you need of me.
Thank you and have a good day. =)
Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/26/07
wrong section.

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Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/26/07
Hehe sorry but there are a few online game threads already in the other section.; See the Games, Music, Drama.
Here's the main one:
Multiplayer Online Games
You can type 'online' into the index aswell and get various threads for things like Maple Story.

Have a nice day too!
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