Can straight people turn gay?
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Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/27/07 be honest, i am gay (well i think i am)
its not like i was like that since i was little, i used to like guys, but not anymore.
I guess i just dont trust guys, when it comes to relationships.
maybe it all started b/c of my $#$%^father, who cheated loads of times. He's also a very perverted old man..cuz i found a penis pump, and a whole lots of porn in his room..(when i was little, around 8 or 9) that time i didnt know what on earth a penis pump was..i didnt even know what a penis was until later wen my bro was yea that #$%# didnt have any respect for my mother either, he always be calling her names and stuff.. like B**ch, slut, and all time when they were having an arguement, he brought a gun w/ him and threatened to shot her in the head (da gun was at her head)..i was in bed at the time while they were also in the same room.
From that point on i dont trust any guys anymore..especially in relationships.

anyway, i was just curious if a straight person can turn gay, cuz my feeling gives me the feeling that i am. or maybe im just confused.
Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/27/07
i dont know and i dont care. Also talk to your friend about this, not a bunch of people you dont know....
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Posted 7/26/07 , edited 7/27/07
You can talk about that in this thread:

Sexual Orientation

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