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Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
Posted 10/20/07 , edited 10/20/07
i almost forgot about this -.-"
Posted 10/20/07 , edited 10/20/07
i just started watching this.. and its not bad.. its flashy.. i like the insert songs and the songs that they play..
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27 / M / Pithole
Posted 10/21/07 , edited 10/22/07

p123v567 wrote:

Thanks PissedOff. I watched episode 9 today and was disappointed that 10 hasn't been uploaded yet. . .but I am glad I haven't gone to bed yet.

I really thought this series was good. But it didn't attract a lot of fans due to such slow releases I guess.

Yea. =( Damn that yesy

Ep11 & 12 Released by Ainex-Subs.
Ep11 -
Ep12 -

And thanks SirTT for uploading episode 9~12.

Good and Bad news..
-Series Completed !
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
well it wasn't that bad XD
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