I’m like a zombie Jesus, and here are my pet peeves.
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Posted 7/30/07 , edited 7/31/07
Yes, well, I’m a Christian so please take that humor lightly.

Anyway, for my wonderful fans I would like you all to know that I am back and just as magnificently controversial as ever. Hopefully, however, more mature at the same time. If nothing else I’ve just finished Harry Potter and feel enlightened.

Which leads me to the point of this negligible thread. I figured it would be a good idea to have a thread in which we can learn a bit about each other’s pet peeves. So, here you have it, a list of my pet peeves.

1. Emos.
2. People who wont stop making fun of emos. (Check out my profile.)
3. Whoever starts flaming me about, “You’re a hypocrite!”
4. Femnazis.
6. Male chauvinists.
7. People who don’t see the difference between feminism and sexism.
8. Ignorance.
9. Prejudice.
10. People who constantly point the prejudice finger.
11. Baby genocide.
12. Racism.
13. The Germans! (I’m German, I love German culture, it’s a joke!)
14. People who can’t take racist jokes and tiptoe around race as though its some grand-high and important factor, when in all reality race is simply an almost invisibly insignificant variations in the genes. http://15. Numbers that are not a factor of three, five, or seven. (unless they are prime.)
17.Those homosexuals who -have- to make sure I know they’re gay.
18. Broke Back Mountain, which was a horrible movie and the only reason it ever won any awards is because the gay community.
19. People who hate gays just for being gay.
20. All of you people who said all religion is evil in that “What’s Most Evil Thread.” That’s right! I have different beliefs then you so you must all be swine! (See the paradox in that little statement. Kind of profound. Three levels to that.)
21. Those annoying people who try and rally against the CR mod squad.
22. The fact that I just said mod squad.
23. People who act like Bush had any way to know that our enemy did not have W.O.M.Ds.
24. Bush. Egotistical..
25. Abortion! Oh, wait, that one is already covered. (Refers to number 11.)
26. People who are too serious.
27. People who are not serious enough. (Life is like a math equation. Things have to balance out. Extremes are almost never good, in my opinion.)
28. The fact that I have to always add, “In my opinion” lest I get spammers flaming at me.
29. The fact that Harry Potter is over.
30. Lord of the Rings. Those books are utter crap. Good for their time, sure, good compared to modern fantasy novels? Heck no, and anyone who says different is wrong!
31. People who like books just because they are classical.
32. Antireligious people. (That’s a part of ignorance. I especially dislike the ones who say the reason they hate religion is because it is EVIL AND STUPID and ignorant, and hypocritical, and judgmental.)
33. The second law of thermodynamics. That crap is scary! -_- We’re all doomed… :P
34. One Piece.
35. You people who wont leave the Jews alone. They don't do anything wrong but you just have to screw with them simply because they do not conform to your opinions. That's like a femnazi, which is almsot as bad as a normal nazi.
36. The fact that I’m going to end this list simply because it is too long.

Anyway, this thread is ultimately for people to express their dislikes. A side piece may be for people who have been gone for a while to come in and yawp across CR that all may know they have risen from the dark grave of inactivity!http://
Posted 7/30/07 , edited 7/31/07
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Posted 7/30/07 , edited 7/31/07
what's with the link ?
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Posted 7/30/07 , edited 7/31/07
I think we all know by know that Seraph is a Christian. No need to post it every time. Just saying.


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