I know this is really... yeah... but has anyone here had any scars (emotionally and physically) that changed their live
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Posted 8/4/07 , edited 8/4/07
Well... this may sound stupid to those that don't beleive in ghosts but ever since my grandma died when I was 9, I was able to feel their presence and hear them... I'm 13 now and there used to be one in my room (a spirit) that always shook me awake at 5am... ask my friends, they know about it (especially with the bags and dark circles around my eyes)...

And I just visited America from Brisbane, Australia (my home)... and I think I somewhat changed in personality...

I also have weird (but maybe common?) phobias... of dolls, failing exams, private conversations with worried teachers and... the vent on my ceiling that opens up, every Tuesday, 7pm... SHARP...

I'm so stupid...
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Posted 8/4/07 , edited 8/4/07
Amazing, the first post didn't even manage to stay on topic. This thread is random.

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