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32 / M / California
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06

waffle26 wrote:

I'm not on anyones list. You guys are so mean. I'm gonna go jump off a building.

You're on 8 list's and there's only 3 pages?
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29 / M
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
I am? Never mind then. I should have checked more throughly.
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28 / アメリカ
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
waffle i find it almost impossible for no one to give you one (me im glad i jus got one :P)
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29 / M
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
sypris~ We fought commys in vietnam and I'll never foreget that.....But seiriously I dont really know you. Are you knew?
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29 / M / Tx
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
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28 / アメリカ
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
im a month old >.>

waffle you make syrup taist deliciouse
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Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
It's nice that some people actually mentioned me. Sorry im late with this but I just came on the site and saw this topic. Ok here it goes:

Waffles: You rox my socks. That and you are crazy like me. Ed loves you.
Bellus Vae: Just a cool person in general. You are nice and fun to talk to. I loved that serial killer mind thing test that you posted.
Mushroom Jay: You are smart and you upload Rozen Maiden stuff.
Naruto9817: You are funny sometimes too!
Logain: You are an easy person to instantly like. You are also nice too.
Cbisram: You are cool.
Basou Kazuma: I like some of your posts and you are a good mod.
Kurropt: You are cool also.
Nitestryker: He is really nice and fun to talk to. He is just basically awesome.
Sypris: You are fun. Lol and you like waffles too!!
Thayet: I love that you seem to dislike boys to a certain degree.
Killar: You have some cool comments.
Eros: I used to like to have eye icons also. You are just one of those people that I notice when you are on.
Wetto: You are cool to and your old icon used to entertain me.
Crumpets: She's fun. X3 And she isssss Crumpets! Gotta love the name.
Kyserin: Taught me about rayfan. She is awesome.
Echo: Is also part of rayfan. It's fun and she is fun to.

Now for the people who didn't really mention me even though they made their lists (shame on you lol) but that I will mention anyway:
Quater: You are an interesting person and I enjoy some of your posts.
Gt-racing: You are just one of those other people that I notice and remember. You seem cool.
Ktito: You seem to be like an interesting person.
Mauz: Awesome eye icon. You seem to be intelligent.

Basically there are a lot of other cool people so it would take a while to do a larger list so for those that I didn't mention: you are all awesome in you own ways.

Oh yes and Waffles...that muppet picture pwns.

Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
First off id like to say thanks to everyone whos remebered me i know its been like a month since ive been on during the day like i used to be now it seems im only on @ night twice a week or so.... your all my beautiful friends!

KuRRopt- My MSN buddie hes a total bad ass and probabaly the coolest cr member ive gotten to know

Log- He was one of my frist buddies and i think hes hilarious despite his poor typing skills.....go drink more!

Xrn- my first reaction to him was purely negative because i thought he acted to much like me and i hated that but it turns out this guys a total kick ass individual he has good musical taste pretty well knowledgable in all the topics he enters and i just repect the guy

Badboyakat- i hardly ever see you on here anymore but your kick ass to talk too come back!

Arx7- This man loves his FMP if you didnt figure that out by his name and he is very entertaining to talk to and has such a vast knowledge of anime it would seem im ALMOST jealous of him. Also he started the noob Thread which was one of the greatest threads to be made here in CR.

Wetto- My random fellow Social distorion and beastie boys fan hes never one here much either now a days makes me sad:(

Waffle: hes probabaly the most enjoyable to talk too just because its a tyraid of funnies that comes from his mouth regardless of the topic.

Sifer- My AOL and Xbox discussion buddy!

Shugo: i used to talk to him all the time and even hised his chatroom! but again this is another member i just dont see much on here anymore..its too bad

Haddon: Again this was another person i thought acted way to much like me on the ego-scale soo naturally i disliked him but upon further review i maybe disagree with alot of his views but hes honest and very witty most of the time soo i appluad him for that and most importantly when he adds something in a topic its 995 of the time relavant and somewhat insgithful.

David Desolate- Fellow ohioan ive probabaly seen you @ ashow for all i fucking know and just didnt recognize you. Your right though we are about the only ones who seem to grasp each others musical tastes.

Kitto- i dont speak with him much but when i do i usually get a good chuckle

Cbrism- He was such a chill dude i loved it but it seems hes mowzied off into the sunset for now

Q- I hardly ever speak with him anymore but we share alot of the same moral views and with a forum full of liberals its good to know your not the only Conservative debating

Bellus-vew- shes a fan of my self portraits (probabaly because im adorable) and shes enjoyable to talk with on some forum topics occasionally soo thumbs up to you.

Lus- I think you basically know jackshit the world of music and i hate you for defending naruto but excluding those two facts i think you are just as entertaining as anyone else ive mentioned above and @ least your opinionated and can always cite reasons for your thoughts which i do infact respect and hell even sometimes we flame on people together soo you get a pass on this post!

MODS- i never bothered to gather opinions on you because well your mods you do your thing ill do mine ..SCRAM

and finally to myself- Your an amazing individual with alot of insight and full of opinions and i love that about you! Despite your good looks your also quite intelligent and thats hard to find now a days! Your truly the ideal person in my eyes and if you werent a man id gobble you up and you have excellent musical taste! Your everything id want in a woman except a vagina and some boobies!!

Trevor (OP)
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28 / アメリカ
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06

cuz ITS MUFFIN!!!!!
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M / California
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
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31 / M / US
Posted 12/12/06 , edited 12/13/06
simpleyesa - can tell she likes being here and cares about the people as you can see by here posts and by starting a topic like this. Like her profile says though...don't try to out mean her.
Logain and punkfilter - don't know too much about them but they seem chill.
Mauz - criticizes me for being too set in my opinions and too harsh at times. I should to say this guy seems to nice to be true. We're friends.
muffins & doomaid - kind of gals i would like to know more about.
Shinji - Grats for setting up the awesome site. He is very down to earth, gracious, and very accommodating.
BasouKazuma - a mod for the people. I like him, cept he has a thing against longcats.
cbisram - dudes got some issues methinks, but he can get into serious discussions as well.
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33 / M / California
Posted 12/13/06 , edited 12/13/06
I'm pretty new here, but here are a few.

Cbisram- Interesting opinions on a plethora of subjects. Seems like a cool guy; the first guy on CR to talk to me, so I probably have a bit of a bias.
azrael910- A maker of intelligent posts. Not afraid to state his opinion or get into arguments, and always has well-thought-out and valid points to support himself. Also, being new himself, seems to be a pretty friendly guy.
atomicfury- Hey, he's uploading Planetes! That gives plenty of points in my book.
Shinji- If you don't know why he's the coolest guy on CR, you need to get your head examined.

(people who aren't my friends on CR, and are probably better for it)
Waffles26- Another one which almost needs no explanation. Funny and random to the nth power.
Kyocool- He's cool, man! And he shares many of my musical tastes.

I'll probably add to this later.
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M / California
Posted 12/13/06 , edited 12/13/06
Muffins- cool easy to get along with I like her alots
Sypris- We think alike hehe have fun messing with Thayat
Thayat- mean and hard to get along with but I still love her :)
KarneAsada- first person to really be nice to me great person also
Do0maid- seems really cool and down to earth
Quater- makes me laugh alot
Naruto9817- cracks me up funny lil kid
Killar- never talked to this guy... But his avi it totally kick ass every time i see that chick dancing it makes me laugh smile wanna sit there and watch it for hours lol love it
Whisper801- i like ya its fun to mess with you and Z but your cool cats
Zepher- your cool man Image you guys are a good couple
AnimePrincess for having great pics and being really cool Image
Kyserin- totally awesome cracks me up shes 1 of a kind
Echo- really intresting person never know what shes going to say... but i really loved her old avi the red one
RockNRule- totally awesome has seen the end of the world flash animation and will now be my newest friend FIRE ZE MISSLES!!!! lol
Crumpets- Not much to say here... shes crumpets.. lol my lil nyu until she goes all lucy on me and everyone in a 5 block radius lol
Toushirou- Is damn funny always has something to say and will always make ya smile
Fishyfish- too many gay jokes but is cool lol
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31 / F / Germany
Posted 12/13/06 , edited 12/13/06
blackrose214 - a great buddy- lol with her - and sorry for bothering you with school stuff all the time
jason33 - should do his stuff in time and not a few hours before but a real good
person to talk with
Echo - very sympathic I like her a lot and she's very cool
Hisoka - really funny person - I like to talk with him - I have a good time then
naruto9817 - chilling -I like you, man
Ktito -my almighty master- I'm never gonna disobey your orders again - you're so funny ROFL
gonzo - not here so often but very enjoyable
Toshirou -hm . . . . sooooooo funny - wanna share my chocolate with him And he's my boyfriend :)
Nitestryker - has the same humor as me - that's fuckin great
Crumpets - talking to her makes me feel understood
I'm happy to have such friends. :lol:
Thanks, mates!
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27 / F / The Matrix Versio...
Posted 12/14/06 , edited 12/14/06
here we go...
kyserin best friend ever..and i know her a human..nuff said
Nitestryker quite random funny and well...reminded me why i was on this machine in the first place
RockNRule ich finde RockNRule sehr gut..und sehr nett.sie ist meine freunde!
shallowgrave has a funny avatar you can say many things about on the person above me thread
Asndrgn one of my first friends on here.
cbisram love the avatar love the guy...
Bandits_King first friend on have an award
Ktito makes good comments from time to time
tigerwolf likes my otome..therefore i like him
muffins great forum buddy person...
kyocool hes just too cool for school or anywhere else for that matter
holyflame2 useful ava for person above pizza
Toushirou funny dude..woo crochet club members!
AnimeFairy83 very cute....
abby-chan jewish buddy...
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