Maria Sama Ga Miteru
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Maria-sama ga Miteru

Volume 1
252 Pages
480 Yen
ISBN: 408614459X

Chapter 1: Maria-sama ga Miteru マリア様がみてる (Our Lady Mary is Watching)

Lillian Girl's Academy: where pure and cultured young ladies gather.

To pass on the school's noble ways, the "sœur" system was established.

Young ladies give their rosaries and become sisters. It it a solemn vow that the elder sempai will guide the younger kouhai.

Coming into Lillian Academy is Yumi. She doesn't have a sœur yet. But then suddenly Rosa Chinensis en Bouton, the admired second-year student Sachiko, proclaims Yumi to be her petite sœur!?

Animated in Season 1 (January 7th 2004):
Episode 1 "Haran no Shimai Sengen" 波乱の姉妹(スール)宣言 = "Chapter 1" pages 1~87
Episode 2 "Munasawagi no Rendan" 胸騒ぎの連弾 = "Chapter 1" pages 88~130
Episode 3 "Tsuki to Rosario" 月とロザリオ (The Moon and the Rosary) = "Chapter 1" pages 130~249

Novel Translation (Link)
"Good morning."
"Good morning."
On this fresh new morning, greetings echo into the clear blue sky.
Even today, young women with angelic faces gather in Saint Mary's garden, exiting through a tall gate.
With pure hearts and bodies, they wrap themselves in dark uniforms.
With skirt pleats cleanly pressed, white sailor color flat, walking slow is preferred here. Obviously, noone is late or rushed, noone would be such an unladylike pupil.
This is Lillian Private Academy for Women.
Founded in 1901, this academy was created for the daughters of noble families. It is a school with Catholic traditions for daughters of wealthy families.
Capital city of Tokyo. Even today, much greenery remains in what was once the Musashino district. Here, watched over by the gods, a school exists where young women can remain sheltered from nursery school to college.
Through three changes of era, from Meiji through today's Heisei, this school has provided pure and refined young ladies with 18 years of continuous schooling, and sent on their way. This system continues today, a treasured academy.
She is Yumi Fukuzawa, an ordinary young lady.

Monday of Disturbed Soul
One Monday, "Wait."
At the end of a row of Ginko trees, where the path splits into two, Yumi heard a voice calling her from behind.
Because she was in front of Maria-sama's statue, for a split second Yumi thought the voice came from Maria-sama. But that was just her imagination, the voice had come from farther away.
She stopped, and while responding "yes?", looked over her shoulder. Even during this sudden action, she refrained from appearing confused or disorderly.
Beautiful and graceful to the last, the figure of an upperclassman approached.
So Yumi turned to face the other student, and with a smiling face, greet her with a gokigenyou....

Season 1 Episodes 1-3 Summary

So, what was lost in the transition to anime and manga? We didn't miss *that* much. Primarily description. Of the school, its buildings, the actions and reactions of the people. And thoughts. Less so in the manga than the anime, of course. Almost all of the thoughts that are cut out of the anime are left in the manga. Almost all. (Some scenes were moved around for the anime too, which peeved fans enormously.)

Last, but in this case, not at all least, what you lose from the anime is the *degree* to which everything happens. The emotions run much higher - the tension in each seen is greater and the reactions by the other, non-Yamayurikai, students is MUCH greater than we saw in the anime.

For instance, using the anime as the rule, we can see that Yumi is "normal girl" and we learn she admires Sachiko from afar. In the novel we learn that Yumi is really NOT normal - that she sees herself as unreasonably unexceptional, that she has significantly lower self-esteem than the anime makes clear...and that her admiration for Sachiko is really, REALLY, **REALLY** a lot. Not just a little - she's a HUUUUUUGGGE fan of Sachiko's. Think stuttering, incoherent, fangirl.

More importantly, the thing we never see in the anime (or really in the manga) is just how alienated Sachiko's attentions make Yumi feel.

Because Yumi isn't Sachiko's only fan in the student body.

And the other girls cannot, for the life of them, figure out how Yumi got so lucky. So, not surprisingly, they become jealous and resentful. They talk behind her back, they whisper about her as she walks the halls, they come to her classroom looking for her and point at her.

When Yumi sits in the music room and Sachiko finds her and plays a duet on the piano with her...Yumi has been there for *hours,* waiting for every last person at the school, including all the club members, to leave, so she doesn't have to be the subject of more stares and whispers and maybe not-so-friendly questions. (Which explains why Yumi breaks down in tears when her friends are so persistent with their questions; and why Yumi wishes Sachiko had left her alone to admire her from afar, rather than drawing her into the limelight.)

One last note on this...when Yumi comes to dance practice for the first time and Sei pushes her forward and no one moves to dance with her- what is cut out there is that all the girls hear her name and freak out at her, because *she's* the girl that the rumors were talking about. All the girls in the dance club have been practicing for months for this performance - they've never gotten to dance with Rosa Gigantea, but this newcomer does. ....And then, to make it worse, she's paired up with Rose Foetida en bouton. Not surprisingly, the dance club members stare at her the entire time - and not in a nice way.

On the yuri side of things, we really don't lose much, IMHO. When Sachiko slams into Yumi as she leaves the meeting room in the Rose mansion, Yumi notices Sachiko's body under the uniform...and immediately comments to herself that Sachiko's chest is larger than her own.

Later, when Eriko asks Yumi is she likes the low neckline on Sachiko's Cinderella costume, Sachiko comments that if Yumi likes it, then it's fine, which makes Yumi really happy, until *she* has to try on the dress. (Yumi actually thinks, sure, we're both girls, but I can appreciate a nice décolletage too, can't I? OK, she doesn't *quite* say it that way, but that's the idea.) When Yumi realizes that Foetida is about to strip her down, she puts on the dress under her own power and is immediately dismayed by the gap between her body and the neckline. Sachiko snidely (and with great, if understated, relish) comments that Yumi thinks a little differently now that she has to wear it herself, huh? (All of this is actually captured in a small, one-shot manga story that comes with the Marimite "premium" fanbook, called "Before the Play.")

Lastly, because the roles for the parts were not fixed until the day of the play, the costumers had to leave Yumi's costume roomy enough for Sachiko to wear it if she had to. So Yumi has basically the same problem - too much space in the chest. Sachiko lends her a "gorgeous silk" bra and the costumers stuff it, so Yumi can wear the dress. (We get Sachiko's exact bra size, btw...I have NO idea why.) There is a very funny moment while Yumi experiences mortification of several kinds as she contemplates wearing Sachiko's bra.

Oh, and one last bra comment - at the veeerrrry end of the story, as Yumi watches the dancing from the grassy knoll, she thinks to herself that once she visit the Rose Mansion and returns the bra, all of this will be over. That was definitely *not* in the anime.

The final scene of the book is pretty much as you saw in the anime/manga.

Yumi has accepted Sachiko's rosary at last and they stand in front of Maria-sama, listening to the music coming from the area of the bonfire. The music switches into "Maria-sama no Kokoro," the ubiquitous theme of the entire story. Sachiko listens to it and notes that it is in 8/6 time...a waltz! She takes Yumi's hands and they dance together, watched only by Maria-sama and the moon...all very romantic.

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