manhwa-yeonghwa-- a type of request
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Posted 8/8/07 , edited 8/8/07
Korean anime, is a misnomer, BTW, 만화 영화 (manhwa-yeonghwa) is the Korean name, as anime is the Japanese name for Japanese animation.

It's kind of like calling a kimono a Japanese hanbok. It doesn't really make sense...

Plus the media are starkly different. (Going into this would take a while, and I don't think that many have enough animation workings knowledge to get it.)

So you see I'm not getting this request from thin air...

This isn't supposed to be a bratty request, but I tend to like to use proper cultural terms for proper cultural items. It's less ethnocentric that way and less culturally ignorant.

Or at least type out Korean animation if you don't want to memorize a new term... just like you read manga, and manhwa, you can watch anime and manhwa-yeonghwa.

Since there are so few, it wouldn't be that hard to remember... and with the new influx I'm predicting as the Koreans take money from the US animation studios as the Japanese have, it might be prudent not to think of Korean items in Japanese terms... just like anyone wouldn't try to describe Jewish items in German terms. Or Italian things in Chinese terms. I wouldn't say bakayarou is Japanese word for l'imbecile... (french, BTW)

*shrugs* I figure better to start early than insult someone later (or at least make them think "pabo isseoyo" (which means in Korean you're an idiot)

Anyway take this as a kind of head's up a a light request to the media moderators rather than calling everyone an idiot, acting holier than thou, or having a temper tantrum.
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I've always just called Korean Animation, Korean Animation. I've never really heard it being called Korean Anime. I think most people do because they consider anime a style. Such as aspiring manga artists in America. People who want to draw manga don't say I want to be a comic book artist, because comic books in America are way different then those in Japan, so they assosiate the word manga with the style. You did say Korean Animation has a very different style, but at a first glance it looks similar to anime, so you can't blame people for assosiating a style of art they know of with the animation they've seen in Korea.
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Posted 8/8/07 , edited 8/9/07
Wow that sounds really interesting. I would look into it; however I'm not exactly a Media Mod. Please refer here to paste in your upload request. It will be read over shortly:

Request an Upload

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