Do you have any weird habits? (CLEAN!!!!!)
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Posted 8/8/07 , edited 8/9/07
Hi~ i just wanna know does anyone have any funny/weird habits?

Okay I'll start off! ^^ I'm pretty weird. HAHA. And I STRESS that I AM NOT MENTAL!!!! ^^

1) I talk to myself. And my own stuff toys.
This is totally fun! =D Honestly. U can make up names.......etcetc. A quote from one of my friends "Talking to oneself is the 1st sign of insanity." But I must stress: I AM NOT MAD.

2) I laugh to myself sometimes.
Ok this is due to a simple reason: And that is cause i think of some funnee stuff or some funnee things that my friends have said before. But somehow people think that i'm completely mad when i do that.

3) I like to go hyper!!!!!! (without drugs!!) Although of course, sometimes i'm "emotional" or sad, but well most of the time i'm laughing like mad.

Okayy, what are your weird habits?

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Posted 8/8/07 , edited 8/9/07
Duplicate thread:

Sharing Weird Habits

Use the thread indices next time to search for existing threads.

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