World Idol
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Posted 8/8/07 , edited 8/9/07
Okay I just watched "World Idol" which is a competion between 11 of the counties Pop Idol winner.
I am in no way being patriotic in saying that Kelly Clarkson should have one.
I'm not even a big fan of Kelly, but compared to the other contestants she really was better.
The winner was Kirt Nilson from Norway whom I admit gave a good performance. However, Kelly was THE ONLY one to sing something which required a range of more than 6 notes. Not only did she sing the hardest song, but she sung it well.
Did any of you see World Idol?
If you havent and your interested, its on youtube.
Heres the link to part one. Its only 2 episodes and the actualy competitions on the first.
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