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Posted 8/9/07 , edited 8/10/07
Greetings Members N viewers. N Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club!!! I'm Kaoru (aka jampet1000, feel free to add me if u hadn't).Here is were me N other 6 member will have random Host club adventure. If u hadn't seen Ouran... WHY U HERE,THEN!!!?? Watch the series!!! GOMEN for being mean.-bowing- . well ya. shall we continue.
1. No bashing. Don’t flame someone for any reason, whatsoever. If it is IC, and the person has agreed it is for plotline, that is different, but if you bash someone just because you think you’re tough nuts, prepare to get replace.

2. No godmodding. You can’t exactly choose what a person does. If your character gets in a fight, don’t expect to automatically hit someone. They get a chance to react.

3. No excessive swearing.

4. Post more than one line. If you joined an RP, you better RP right. Two sentences or more. No one can go off of a sentence. T__T

5. No Spamming, Advertising, or any related nuts in the Cbox. That is my territory, so unless you feel like getting word-raped, I suggest you play nice.

6. Please keep it PG-13 or under. We can get in a lot of trouble for sex scenes and or gory ones too. If you would like to continue a thread like that, make a Fade to Black closing the thread, and continue via PMs .

7. Keep it reasonable. This is based on real life, not shinobi life. No running up walls and using jutsu, or casting spells and making band members your slaves. Be serious, people.

I took the rules from the commoner's coffee N alter it a bit.

well ya...lets gets started.Yosh.
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Posted 8/9/07 , edited 8/10/07
yes lazy there was

here's more info:
Posted 8/9/07 , edited 8/10/07
NO more RP's
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^ What they said...

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