Battle Royale
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Posted 8/10/07 , edited 8/10/07
Whether you've heard of it or not, i shall explain the basis of the title and subject at hand. In 1999 a book was published by a man named Koushun Takami in the book the story concists of one base thought in mind (I guess), could you kill your best friend? This book was extremely controversial, even the movie that came out 2000 was so controversial that no company has the nerve to take up the movie. The only version of this movie are imports from the UK.

Heres a summary of the story:
With the government and ecomony in shambles, adults had begun to lose confedence and fear the youth, so they came up with the BR Act in which a random 9th grade class (consisting of 40-45 students) chosen by lottery gets sent to a deserted island in a "battle royale". In the movie (movie and book are different) the students are straped with explosive necklaces in case they disobey their overseers, or if they try to remove the necklace or enter "danger zones". Then the students or given supplies and weapons ranging from a Pot Lid to a MP5 Machine Gun, and within 3 days they all have to kill each other or all the necklaces go off and every one dies.

I've placed this thread in the forums to inform other people or this interesting piece, and to get other peoples opinions in it. So crunchyrollers what do you think?

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Posted 8/10/07 , edited 8/10/07
Duplicate thread...

[JMovie] Battle Royale

But it was a very interesting movie...

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