people who piss you off,or hate to be with them...
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Posted 12/15/06 , edited 12/15/06

_people who preach you against something, but at the same time they're not aware of it(those people should be encountered)

_people who are peevish and complain too much(my sis's one of them)especially if it's on trivial matters,it's like they're the only ones who suffer(they should watch the most misfortunate people in the world,then they should shut up).
(I've gone through a lot of things my self,but I know that complaining about it won't fix a thing).

_people who expect you to do what they think you should,some of these people are not even related to you,why do they think that they could (Think)for you?,as if you don't have if you don't have brain on your own.......?!

_people who give you gifts or do things for you,but when something happen between you....they nag you about it and goes saying:(I shouldn't gave you anything,I shouldn't done you anything),if they're not noble enough to give something or do it with good will,then they shouldn't do anything,there's no need for that at all,especially if there's nagging and such....

_people who use their children to pick up quarrels with others,it's just pathatic and silly,I mean children...who are or was the symbol of innocence become part of this bullshit.....I just don't stand it,I just don't stand them at all.........

_people who depend on others too too much(what's wrong with them exactly?! I mean the normal ones that is?!)

ok..I guess I said my piece
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