Helping others on websites are good,but also bad!
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Posted 8/10/07 , edited 8/11/07
If you help people on your site and giving your web account which you have no idea who they are, is a bad thing because you don't know their personality and all their PERSONAL information. Like...their age,gender,location,hobbies, and other stuff. If you help them or they help you(switching accounts,e-amils),they can hacker you or maybe trick you into something nasty. Some nasty things are like drinking beer with drug in it. Drug in beer, you can faint and something gross happens.(Ripping your Clothes and having s** in a hotel...NASTY!) Don't even think about it! It makes me get the goosebumps. They even might take all your money away with al your information. After that, they can even take your personal privacies and sell it to another person.
But what is good about helping each other is that they are trustable and responsible. Usually, I think it's not a good thing about others helping you with your site. Now, that I've been convinced by my friend, I feel totally diferent about myself! If they don't trick you into stuff or hacker you, they can be trusted. well...depends on things! Mostly, you should keep things to yourself. YOUR SECRETS ARE YOUR PRIVACY! As people always say...
well.. if you don't think it's true, then it's your fault for all the trouble happened. Even for how old you are, BE SAFE! Trust me and your family about keeping privacies all to yourself and don't give it away. Going the right path, I guess that your future will be AWSOME!
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Posted 8/10/07 , edited 8/11/07
Silly kid, don't babble on this site.

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