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Cutest Thing a Guy/Girl Has Done For You
Posted 8/15/07 , edited 8/15/07
Thread Topic: Cutest Thing a Lady Has Done For You

Whatsome's response:

-- being cute or the cutest
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Posted 8/15/07 , edited 8/15/07
my ex bought me a really big valentines card that was like half the size of me even though i told him not to get me anything. it was really big and it said that he was goin to give me a big hug and he did and then a teacher yelled at us for cunoodling. but it was really sweet
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Posted 8/15/07 , edited 8/15/07
My wife sang for me...put it in a cd, she sang me 3 of them is "Kiss me" theme from Dawson's Creek
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elysiaMARIE wrote:

Oh man, my boyfriend has done ALOT for me.
This is really tough.

okay, it was the way we met.
Me and my boyfriend first started talking online,
we both lived in the same city,
and each of our attempts to meet up and chill always failed.
I was moving to Italy in sept,
and we started talking in july.
We both knew that,
but we kept talking to each other,
eventually he kind of just claimed me as his girlfriend,
which i thought was funny, because I didn't really figure us to be dating.
but we both liked each other, and yeah, fell in love,
he kept talking about how he would come and visit me in italy,
which i thought was NEVERRR going to happen because he was a broke graduate still living with his mom and no job haha. but yeah.
well about 8months later,
he said he was going to buy a ticket.
i was like no..he has no money!
and he did.
he sold his ps2, and his xbox along with his games,
and some other stuff as well.
he earned enough money to come and "meet" me for the first time in person lol.
it was so great. he was only here for a week though,
it was so ackward yet it felt so right and perfect at the same time.
and well we've been together for about 3 years now.
and yes we did see each other alot more after that lol.
now i'm just visiting family, soon i'm going to move back home and move in with him.

cutest story ever. I'm serious.

and the cutest thing a guy has ever done for me was, made me a necklace himself. he went into a forest, found some wood, carved out a star and beads, painted it, wrote along the edges of the star 'never give up no matter what life gives you' - and gave it to me for my birthday last year. it really was the sweetest gift i've ever received. i couldn't believe a guy would actually go through that trouble for a birthday gift.

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Posted 8/15/07 , edited 8/15/07
sang a cute song
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Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/29/07

My ex, Felix write me a song once
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Posted 11/29/07 , edited 11/29/07
she let me stay at her house =))
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