How come russia has never had a war on the land?
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uhm, Russia has been involved in wars.
and they've had battles on thier own lands.

World war two?

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hmmm..maybe monkey-san is talking about civil war...

But civil wars are really rare nowadays. XD...Man, only stupid people would still have those things. ^^

but Russia was a bit active on wars on the last century. On World Wars and Space Wars. ^^

Edit to below: Wow, Chechen War? I wanna know what's the cause of it...
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Russia does have an on-running war, between the Chechen rebels and the state.

^ The cause of the first Chechen War was that the Chechen separatists wanted Chechnya to become an independent state, and Russia didn't. The second war was started as a propaganda move by Vladimir Putin, and has resulted in terribly human rights accusations against both forces. It is not truly still "current" however the army is still occupying Chechnya and the rebels haven't backed down.

Why would the two part of Russia, the Asian and the European never go to war?

=> To be honest this is a stupid question, it's like asking would east and west Germany ever go to war? - No, it's one country!
=> The east is too poor anyway.
=> Putin is in very sure control of the country either way.

- N.B. Could you clarify the question a bit. I'm not sure whether you mean present, past or future, and internal or external conflict.
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Posted 8/13/07 , edited 8/13/07
To start a historical discussion like this without sufficient information or sources is a big no-no.

I'm giving the thread starter 10 minutes to supply more information for the benefit of the discussion. Beyond that, I'm locking this thread.

EDIT: oh well...

~ Locked
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