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Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
Hi Im Marc, this topic is about the greatest mach up or fights of anime characters.... This is not a game but an exchange of ideas....

Ok here are the rules you should post the top3 fights that you want to see

Note: the characters should be from different anime (for example if your first character is from bleach the other one should not be from the same anime....

ok ill go first

3rd- Gon vs Naruto...... It will take forever to finish there fight cause both are known for not quiting even if they are the Under dog

2nd- Kurapica vs Sasuke........ They both want revenge and they have red eyes.... I think Sasuke will win because he is not a Spider member

1st- Hisoka vs Orochimaro........ The battle of the villains.... they are both creepy .....

ok thats it your turn.............
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Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
top fights = favorite

hence, obfirmo

Edit: My bad, I meant this one. It is close enough
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