Who is the hottest guy and girl from Bleach?

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Okay guys, I wanna know who you think is the hottest or coolest guy and girl from Bleach.

Here's my opinion:
1) Ichigo in Bankai form is the hottest guy and Hitsugaya Toushiro. ^^

2)Yoruichi and Matsumoto Rangiku are the hottest girls (Srry, I'm a girl) ^^

Now I wanna know who YOU like!! Okay? I dont mind if you say someone of the same gender...KK Get on with it!!
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No more bleach topic stupid
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BillyG2093 wrote:

No more bleach topic stupid

Why not? Bbleach is great!! You dont have to comment if you dont like it...TT-TT
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^ um ok the things is that we have too many Bleach threads already, so any new ones will get locked unless they are really good topics. Yours is a bit general and the discussion can go in either of these threads:
Bleach ( General Discussion )
Hottest Anime Character

Hopefully subforums will be added soon so you guys can have as much Bleach threads as you want.

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