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Least favorite japanese word(s)?

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28 / F / Tennessee
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
For the sound of the word itself, I really hated the word for beverage, 飲みも無 (nomimomu). It was ages before I could say it without stumbling over it, and I still have trouble if I'm speaking too quickly.

I hate hentai because it's so misused in English. Most of the common-use Japanese words don't bother me, because every culture is rife with that, no matter what language they speak. It's no more annoying than the over use of words from any other language.
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/20/10
Here's a fun fact, the Japanese language has the least number of profanity in the known verbal language system. But that's because their culture was constructed so that they can make someone to "loose face" without them being openly aggressive. In other words, passive aggressive behaviors is at its core of the Japanese collectivist culture.

It's therefore not the Japanese words themselves, but how are they being used that has a negative annotation to them. Which a lot of the people here didn't even notice that.
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31 / F / United States
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10
oni! idk oni reminds me of onigiri...everytime! oni! oni! oni!
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25 / F / night sky
Posted 5/13/10 , edited 5/14/10

KEMO wrote:

Lazybook wrote:

^How can you hate a word? Besides, they all sound good when we say it.

agree with you

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34 / M / in samsara
Posted 5/27/10 , edited 5/27/10
I hate "Pan" its a loan word from the spanish language. I took Japanese so I could escape spanish.

and Kawai you have to be kawai to say kawai.
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32 / F / Germany
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
I hate the word 手術室/Shûjutsushitsu (operating room). What a tongue twister...

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28 / F
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/2/10

MikeN427 wrote:

I hate the word gaijin.......

Based on what I have read about peoples experiences in Japan...... the way some Japanese use it to refer to foreigners is offensive(it can be used in a polite manor).

Also bars restricting foreigners from entering, with their no gaijin are allowed is BS.

You certainly don't find this kinda shit in other countries like the US.

i agree. it's really stupid how they idolize western culture but at the same time bar us from connecting with them at times with the use of a simple word. while their culture is more accepting of foreign ideals, the connotation of foreigners is offensive and degrading..
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/4/10
my friend made me hate the word baka.
she says all the time to people in my class
it pisses me off so much.
but friends have their goods and bads
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24 / F / Paradise~Eden
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/5/10
when they say "engrish" or whatever. haha
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/10/10

me too.. i dont think i hate any japanese word...
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33 / F
Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/15/10
kawaii - most overused word
i also hate it when they use these words in a sentence likes this: "he looks so kakoi in this shirt." "awww she's so kawaii".
Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/15/10
Pan (bread)

because its the same in spanish,

and well... its an effng 'pan' in english
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F / By the AC
Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/20/10
I only hate a word when it's randomly used in the english language way too often to even be tolerated with.
Such as the ones already been listed:
Ex: "Wow, that's SO kawaii!!!!!!"
Ex: "Sugoi! Such a pretty outfit!"

I mean every once in a while or to be funny is alright, but not normally used every day.
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23 / F
Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/26/10

kawaii baka neko-chan

In short-
Overused wapanese words
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24 / F / In my happy place
Posted 10/21/10 , edited 10/22/10
It gets annoying when people who normally don't speak japanese start inserting random words like baka, sugoi, kawaii, or neko. It makes you look like you're trying too hard...or just plain weird
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