Revised Forum Role Playing Thread Rules
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Posted 8/20/07 , edited 1/15/13
Hey guys. It's been a while, but the newly revised rules are finally here. Please take the time to read through the rules and understand them. They were made to make the RP threads here more orderly, and hopefully, to make all of our RP experiences here in CR more enjoyable and fruitful.

The Rules are subdivided into different sections, so I ask of your patience to read through not only the rules, but the guidelines as well, so you get a general feel for how the new system(s) work(s).

Here is an overview of the Rules:

I. General Rules
II. RP Guidelines
~ OCC Rules
~ God Moding
~ Character Controlling
~ Posting Styles
~ Thread Creation

Refer to the last post (Credits/Updates) for any updates or changes to the rules. The rules will be undergoing a little "evolution" since we're still getting a feel for how they'll work with the community. Again, refer to the updates at the end to review any changes!

Again, the RP Guidelines act as a supplement to the General Rules, so I expect all RP gamers to read them. Here are the revised RP rules:


RP Thread General Rules

As you know, the game section required an update of its rules before any RPs could resume. The point of this thread is to, hopefully, introduce the new scheme of RPing here in CR, in hopes of reducing the chaos, while keeping the fun and point of the games intact.

Since this is a forum style RP, rules are essential. As follows is the new scheme of rules for RP threads in CR, along with a couple guidelines that you should know when playing RPs here in CR.

The main rules are as follows:

1. Forum Rules Apply
The RP threads are part of the CR forums, and thus, are subject to the same rules that govern the forums. Specifically, emphasis is given on the following:

No double posting
Avoid posting an entry immediately after your previous post. If you wish to add on to your last post, use the edit button.

No trolling
Trolling is the act of intentionally posting poorly on sensitive topic with the intent to incite a reaction in another person. This is not tolerated.

Do not camp a thread
Camping is the act is constantly watching a thread and posting the very second afterwards. This tends to suffocate other members and will be monitored.

You can tell you are camping if your posts appear throughout the thread alternating between other users' posts.

No Flaming
Simply avoid fighting or escalating arguments to the point of degrading the person. Be mindful of your language, and if you really want to discuss some issue, take it to PM

No Chatting
Avoid useless conversation irrelevant to the thread, or even to the community. Forums were meant to be venues for discussion and interaction, ideally with more than just one or two persons. Take more personal conversations with people through PM or other means (i.e. meebo, gabbly). If you wish to announce something in the thread, you can use the OCC method (explained the guidelines of this thread)

For more information on the CR Forum rules, please refer to this thread:

Role-Play Specific Rules.

2. No God-Moding
This is crucial when playing forum RPs. Though it's nice to have a powerful character, it isn't fun when someone acts as if he can never die, or does unbelievably incredible damage to a foe. To put it short, don't act like your a God - it just isn't fun for other players. Understand that your character should have the weaknesses of a mortal too. Roleplaying is the imitation of life, and much like in the real world, you will be prone to getting attacked, or in some cases, getting killed as the plot requires. Remember, it's just a game... You can always make another character.

Refer to the RP guidelines further down in this thread for more information regarding this rule.


3. No Character Controlling
Roleplaying is cooperative story-telling. Respect the fact that you're not the only person playing in the RolePlay. Other people have characters that have specific attitudes that only the player knows, so by no means should you assume that you know enough to know how the other character will respond. Under no circumstance is one player to control another player's character without permission. Period. This kind of action violates the property of another user's character, and is grounds for warnings and eventual disqualification from the game. You may, however, control Non-Playable Characters (NPC's) - these are characters created by the game master, or other players, for the simple purpose of moving the story forward, or adding background. Consult the creator of the NPC if you wish to control them, so as not to make it seem unnatural.

For more information, refer to the guidelines of this thread.


4. No Cybering
CR is a PG13 site. No posts of sexual content, or to make things simple, no sexual intercourse between characters and NPCs, or characters getting pregnant.


5. Give fair warning
If you're going to be gone for a while, make it a point to inform everyone, or at the very least the game master, of your absence. This is so that no one has to wait up for you, especially if an action has to be performed by your character in order for the plot to move on.

For the GameMaster: If your roleplay encounters a situation where a player has become absent for a crippling amount of time, you are advised to contact a Moderator with the purpose of aquiring control-rights to the absentee's character. This action only gives you the right to control the character, and does not grant copy-right.


6. Do not copy.
Do not copy and steal other players story or character(s). The copyright of the story and character belongs exclusively it's original creator.


7. Follow the proper posting format
There are two types of posting formats that will be endorsed in the new RP threads, and each thread uses only one specific type of posting format. Read the guidelines on posting formats later in this thread to familiarize yourself with the different posting styles.


8. Be aware of limits
RP threads from now on will have a limit as to the number of people who can participate in them, and are indicated at the title of the thread:

The Legend of the Silver Arrow [3/8]

The first number in the brackets indicates the current number of players. The second number indicates the maximum number of players the RP game is open to. If maximum capacity has been reached, the title will look like so:

The Dark Road [FULL]

The maximum capacity will be determined by the Gamemaster (thread starter), but as a rule of thumb, no RP can have more than 15 players.

In addition, no RP can have less than 5 players. Remember that RPs are venues of interaction. The point of the RP is useless when only 2 or 3 people are playing it.


Warnings & Penalities

The following system will be enforced for noncompliance with the rules:

1st Offense ~ Warning
2nd Offense ~ 2nd Warning
3rd Offense ~ 1-day Ban
4th Offense ~ 3-day Ban + Removal from the RP

Once you have been removed from the RP, you are expected not to post on the thread again. Further sanctions may be employed by noncompliant users and will be subject completely to the discretion of a moderator.

Please help the community and report any violators of the rules. :)

RP Thread Guidelines and sub-rules

The following are supplementary information for you to understand the rules, and how they are used in context of forum RPing in CR.


OCC Guidelines
~ OOC/OCC Rules and Policy~

Crunchyroll generally discourages the users from using large amounts "Out of Character Chatting" (OOC/OCC) under normal circumstances. It is the opinion of the Mods that most Out of Character chats constitute spam. The mods dictate that most OOC/OCC posts are harmful because:
A: They add unnecessary bulk to the thread
B: They distract users from the story and make the thread "Off Topic"
C: They make Moderation and managing of the thread more complicated.

However; There are places where Out of Character messages can be used. Use of OOC/OCC must always follow the rules and always accompanied by a In Character action.
Situations where OOC posts can be used follow:
A: Addressing a message to the entire thread.
B: Asking/answering a question that is of benefit for everyone in the thread to hear (ex: clarification for a confusing post)
C: Addressing character control changes

All OOC/OCC must adhere to the sub-rules that govern this action.


OCC Rules/Guidelines

1. No Idle Chit-chat
OCC/OOC posts are not to be used for social chatting. Crunchroll Staff recommend that all such chats among players be done using:
A. Private Messages (PMs).
B. CR's new chat feature;
C. Existing chat services, such as Gabbly or Meebo.


2. OOC posts must be attached to a normal IC post
No explanation needed here. You must roleplay at the same time as posting OOC, as to keep the thread on topic. Only Mods are excluded from this.


3. OCC is Not for Asking the Game Master questions specific questions for yourself
As to not interrupt game play, All questions concerning the user and the thread to the Game Master (thread starter) should be sent using a Private message. This way the GameMaster will get it sooner, and it won't clutter the thread. So do not ask questions in game like,

[ex: Can I please join this game? Here's my character sheet!]

instead, send him/her a PM.


4. OCC posts must relate directly to the Roleplay, and be addressed for everyone to hear
As with rule 1, there is to be no chit-chatting using OOC. Instead, use it as a means of conveying a message to everyone involved in the thread, such as a leave of absence or important announcement.


5. Use the proper format

All OOC posts must be contained within brackets - [example] - and be placed at the top of your post. This is to make everything easier to read and track.

[Hey guys, after this post I won't be able to be here for a week. Sorry! For right now I'm giving control of my character over to example ]

Ralph turned and looked stupidly at stone wall that had suddenly appeared in front of him. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"


6. All Game Masters should place a Gabbly/Meebo/Crunchyroll chat link in the first post of their thread for discussion purposes

Roleplaying is by no means an anti-social activity, so to give your plays a chance to meet you should set out a space for them :)

God-Moding guidelines and examples

Nobody likes it when people act like they're a God. The following is an example of God-Moding between Player A and Player B:

Player A wrote:
Goruda was furious at the fact that Hayate had so inconsiderately trampled upon his offerings... that and the fact that she had the gaul to cross his bridge to get to the other side of the river. In a blind spur, he launched upon her with his lance and demanded from her an apology.

Player B wrote:
Hayate was slick, as she always was, and knew that he was coming up from behind her. She jumped out of the way just in time, and turned to look at the large beast. Foam was forming at his mouth and his breaths were heavy, but Hayate wasn't afraid. She looked at the animal and said with a smirk,

"Would you like to try that one more time?"

Player A wrote:
Goruda was furious. He knew that he would have got her, but she moved to fast. Frustrated, he powered up and delivered his fastest move...

"DAWN SABER!!!" he cried in a blood curdling howl.

Player B wrote:
The beast moved much quicker than Hayate expected, and the next thing she knew, dust was spewing all over the place as a result of the impact. Little did the beast know that her Holy Armor had protected her from the blow. She stood there, staring down at the poor beast, taunting him with her eyes, as if to tell him: "you could do better than that."

Player A wrote:
This was more than he could handle. Goruda lost his composure, and madly grappled the female warrior in his arms, hoping to squeeze the life out of her.

Player B wrote:
Hayate saw this coming, and she quickly slipped to the back of Goruda, and grappled his body, after which she lifted the giant beast, following it up with a devastating suplex that knocked the beast out cold.

I feel sorry for Player A... Not only was Player B being an ass by God-Moding, but he was also controlling Player A's character, which leads us to our point on character controlling.

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Character Control guidelines and sub-rules

note: Violation of character control rules are known as God Complex actions.

Do not control a character you did not create, it's that simple. For legal use, character control must be publicly handed over to another user in an OCC post for everyone to read (following OCC rules).

Here is an example of how such an action would look like:

[Hey guys, I'm going to be gone for the weekend. So that I don't stop the roleplay, My character, Roy Calrend, will be controlled by (exampleuser) while I'm gone.]

Roy stopped through the shadows of the forested night into the stranger's campsite, and without missing a hitch sat himself down before the warmth of the low-burning fire. He ignored the stranger for a moment, holding out his hands towards the fire to heat them.

It would be good to leave everyone with something to work with so they get a feel of what your character did last, as the example showed

If no such public declaration is made before another user controls a character not created by himself, it will be considered a violation. Many such actions can constitute a God Complex action, as such, the following examples will show minor and major breaches of the rules regarding a user's right to control characters. The offending part of the posts will be high-lighted like this for emphasis. Remember, any action, whether having another character say something, smile, make an attack or automatically fall victim to an attack, is a god-complex action, you may highlight an action that another player has done in their last post, but you may not create new action.

For these demonstrations, Zorf the Barbarian shall be the offending user's character (user1), while Zeeblic the Great shall be the victim user's character.

Example 1: story sequence.

(user 1 posts to user 2):
Zorf looked out onto the wind-swept plains of his mejestic home-land and couldn't help but have his blue eyes to be drawn to the pitch colored encampment of the invaders who befouled his homeland. He looked over to his side, where the foreigner Zeeblic the Great had walked up to him. "What shall we do now, my friend? There are obviously too many for us to take."

Zorf was surprised as Zeeblic the Great began to speak, "Obviously my friend, you completely underestimate me and my bow"

Zorf smiled and held his hand out for Zeeblic to shake, Which Zeeblic took with a strong grip. "My friend," Zorf began, "You bring me great honor. Let us die with glory."

Even to follow a story sequence as you have set out in your mind, God-complex actions are prohibited. User 1 can give indications on how hopes the user that controls Zeeblic will act with a post like this:

ex. Zorf thrust out his hand to push Zeeblic and possibly cause him to fall over.

But, he cannot make him do it.

(ex. of a rule-breaking action: Zorf forcibly pushed Zeeblic, causing him to fall over.

Example 2 - "Well, you were going to do it anyways..."

(user 1 posts to user 2:)
Zorf sat on the log next to the fire that constituted his seat. Across from him was the Chief of the village [npc]. It would be the night before the assault, whether the Chief chose to aid him in glorious battle!... or not. For now, his only assured ally was the strange figure of Zeeblic the Great, who also then stood up along with Zorf to move to the podium.

"Noble Chief Fatwomanspit-" Zorf began, speaking in a wide voice that could be heard all around the gathering, but was then abruptly cut off by the Chief himself "Why should we hear your words, Disgraced Warrior!?"

The small little man said in an outraged voice, "But I do know why we shouldn't! Look at the mess you have created, and the lives that have been lost because of your actions. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't come back. So now go Zorf, before you lose even your very life."

Frustrated, Zorf stepped down, Followed by Zeeblic, who followed him out of the village

Even if The player behind Zeeblic would have taken the same action as User 1 wrote out for him, it is a violation of the rules for him to make that decision for Zeeblic. You may never know what other action another character is going to take, so don't be so arrogant as to assume.

Example 3 - Combat.

How had it come to this? Zorf thought to himself. Just after his victory against the invaders, on the day that should have been one spent in celebration.. but instead, here he was, fighting against the one man who had stood shoulder-to-shoulder through everything he had faced. But now, they were here. Both were bloody from wounds they had inflicted on it. How was Zorf to know, that one of the women he had slain in his younger years would be Zeeblic’s only sister? On any other day, he’d take the sword to his own throat for his friend... But now, his people needed him. He had to survive.

“Please, my friend. Put down your weapon, and let us leave the past behind us. I do not think I can bear to kill you.”

Zeeblic did not answer, but instead readied his sword “If that is how it must then be, my friend.”

Zorf sighed, then unwillingly gripped the suddenly evil looking sword in his hands and charged foward, deflecting the blows Zeeblic threw at him, and then rammed his own blade through Zeeblic’s belly and up through his to his heart where the blade lodged Zorf let go of the blade and stood in shock, looking at his one and only ally.

“Forgive me, my friend.” As Zeeblic fell to the ground, so too did Zorf fall to his knees and weep for his enormous loss.

There is enormous temptation in combat situations to try and use God-Complex actions to shift the battle towards your character's favor. This is one temptation that must be avoided. Always give the other player a choice in how your actions will effect their character. In combat against other players, CR staff recommends that you contact the other combatant and work out how the fight will progress and end.


To summarize, the sub-rules for character control are as follows:


1. No unauthorized control of another user's PC character. Period.
This includes forcing to accept your character's action, to be moved by your action, and generally to have anything done by the user when there is no consent. In the case where a user has been absent for 1 week+ without stating leave would be taken, the GameMaster may contact a moderator not personally involved in the roleplay to request that control of the character be handed over.


2. Switches in control of characters must be publicly announced in an OCC post where everyone involved in the thread can see it.
This OCC post must be compliant with the rules set for OCC posting. Additionally, exclusive control must be handed back to the creating user when said user requests it, this too must be publicly announced.
Note: When control of a character is handed over to another user, this action does not give the temporary controller a right to a character's copyright, no matter how long control may last. All character copyright goes to the original creator.


3. NPCs are to be considered plot devices, and thus are available for everyone to control as long as personality and motives set by the original creator are adhered to.
NPCs should be labeled as such when they are first introduced, by placing a [npc] marker behind the post. Additionally, users should not become possessive over these characters. To prevent confusion, for important NPCs it might be wise to contact the original creator.
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Posting Guidelines

To make things orderly, only two posting methods will be used in the CR RP threads. The two styles are the following:

I. Narrative (Prose) Style
II. Classic Style

The style the RP thread uses is purely on the decision of the GameMaster, or the starter of the RP thread. To distinguish what type of posting format the RP thread is using, it will be indicated at the title of the thread, like so:

[RP-C] The 7 Kingdoms [4/7]

[RP-N] Caesar's Gold [2/5]

In the first example, [RP-C] stands for Role Play - Classic, meaning the classic method of posting is utilized. In the second example, [RP-N] means Role Play - Narrative, and therefore uses the said method.

Follows is a brief description of how each posting method is used:


Narrative Style

As the name implies, this method uses literary prose as a means of developing a character or relating a story. The use of descriptive methods and literary devices is needed in this type of posting style, and therefore requires a certain amount of literacy.

As a rule of thumb, start a new paragraph for each line of speech, and indicate accordingly the person who spoke, as so:

Waking up from his dream, Blanche found himself strapped down on what looked like a hospital bed. Though he was a little drowsy, he groped and twisted in his binds, and looked blindly around him, as if looking for an explanation.

"Hey! What the hell is going on here?!" he beamed.

The two gentlemen standing at his bedside looked at him, as if in pity, and the anger in Blanche's face slowly changed to a pang of fear.

Alternate speech between characters (if the other character is an NPC) can be shown by indicating the actor of the speech after their first lines:

Lullabell entered the cabin to find Gloria all alone. The lonesome girl was sitting on the edge of her bunk bed, eyes down cast with a frown across her face.

"What's wrong, Gloria?" Lullabell asked, concerned.

As if startled and shook from a trance, Gloria looked up at the worried moogle. "Oh... It's... it's nothing." she stammered.

"Really now..."

"Oh come on, It's nothing, really..."

"Your face says otherwise..."

And with that, Gloria let out a peal of tears, the Moogle catching her in her stubby little arms and patting her gently on the back.

"It's okay, Gloria... I understand..."

Note how sometimes, if a speaker says the character's name in their speech, you need not indicate who spoke the line.

Time, date, and place can be indicated using the OCC method:

[Golgotha, Main Headquarters, 7th floor; 5:30 PM, August 12, 399 PLC]
Dr. Horls entered the examination room, which was prepped for his new study. He was eager, for dusk had just arrived, which meant plenty of time before his examination would end.

As a general rule, try not to exaggerate your posts. It's easy to get carried away and post a horrendously long entry. Remember, we're not out here to publish novels, so as much as we enjoy RPing, we'd like to PLAY as well and not simply READ. Try to make your posts readable by cutting down on the length, if possible.


Classic Style

The classic style is relatively simple to understand, and may facilitate quicker reading. However, the tendency is to sometimes poorly describe a certain action or an area of interest. Keep in mind that you should be as clear as possible when you post using the classic style.

Basically, the classic style separates speech from action by using asterisks (*) to direct action, while speech is directed using direct indicators (i.e. @ ______), with or without quotation marks. Here's an example:

*Porter opened the door to find a suspicious looking cardboard box on the floor*

@ Guillian: I know you're under there... Get out!

If your character is talking to him/herself or thinking, indicate it in the action, and place an "@ self" before the quote:

*Guillian heard Porter's voice and thought to himself*

@ self: Holy shit... I'm found!

Though these are just examples, make it a point to post entries with more content. As a rule of thumb, a post using the classic method of posting should have at least 3 lines of text. In this case, it means you fully distend, or place the entire entry in a single line, and it should wrap to create 3 lines.


NOTE: For both methods, the OCC posting method is the same!


Additional Guidelines
You don't have to completely quote someone if you're going to respond to an action. You can simply summarize their actions in your post, be it narrative or classic. For this reason, avoid quoting people for past actions.
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Thread Creation Guidelines

This is to address RP thread creations. As a general rule, anyone who creates an RP is called a Game Master and is fully responsible for the thread.

As such, Game Masters (GM's) will work closely with a moderator, or assigned CR member to assure that the RP thread is well maintained. Refer to the Credits at the end of this thread to see the people that will help in keeping the RP threads in order.

The following are the important rules in thread creation:

1. All new RP threads have to be approved by a moderator
From now on, all RP ideas have to gain mod approval before they can be posted in the Games Section. This is to make sure that the game is not a duplicate, as well as to facilitate the creation of the thread so that it is as uniform as possible to the new rules of RP threads.


2. Complete the minimum requirements
There are some minimum requirements that you need to send in when having your RP thread approved. Here is a list of what needs to be submitted:

RP Thread Creation Minimum Requirements
I. Synopsis/Description of the story (with necessary background information)
II. Character sheet Information (including a sample Character Info sheet of the GM's character)
III. Maximum Number of Players
IV. Posting Method
V. Proposed chat channel (i.e. CR chat channel or meebo/gabbly based)
VI. Preview of the first post


3. The GM has to be a player in his/her own RP thread
Well, I think that's a big DUH.


4. Character Application
Character applications will go through the GM via PMs. Don't post application info on the RP thread. This being the case, the GM is responsible for approving or disapproving people who would like to join his/her game. Be mindful, however, of the limit of characters your game can handle.

Whenever a new player is added, indicate in the first post the number of active players with generalized overviews of each of their character info.

A suggested method of application is for an applicant to send a PM containing a "starter pack" of sorts. This PM can contain additional information besides the synopsis in the first post.

In addition, you also have to inform applicants whether or not their application was accepted. If you accepted them, it would be advisable to give them a backstory so that their character enters smoothly, also to facilitate the entry of the new player.


5. Update regularly
Be responsible for your thread. If a new character is added, PM a mod so they can update what needs to be updated (e.g. number of players in thread title). Also, inform mods of any violations in the rules, or non-compliant players (e.g. players who don't respect the wishes of the GM).


6. NPC creation
Depending on how you handle your thread, you may want to put up a system for NPC's. This means you can either let players freely create NPC's, or you can have them submit requests for the creation of an NPC, complete with character background and the like. This decision rests on the type of RP you're playing, so it may be advisable for some GM's to have a clear list of the current NPC's (be they alive or dead).

Take note that NPC's can be controlled by any player, regardless of the creator.


7. GM Requests
If you would like to request a change to your RP, such as a change in title or the number of players, simply PM a moderator, along with a valid reason for the change.


8. RP Creation Limits
To facilitate the load, a GM can create and oversee no more than 3 RPs.


9. RP Validity
To ensure that an RP will not simply be forgotten, an RP that has not had a reply within one month will be considered INVALID and will be locked automatically. A warning PM will be sent to the GM 3 days before the validity of the thread expires.
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Posted 8/20/07 , edited 8/20/07

Many thanks to the following for helping me finish the new rules:


Version Tracker
Initial alpha release (0.97) by edsamac
Alpha-2 bug-fix release (0.98) by Jorlwind
Beta release (1.2) by edsamac
Update (08-26-2007) (ver. 1.4) by edsamac
Update (10-07-2007) (ver. 1.41) by edsamac


Added Rule 9 under RP creation guidelines regarding RP Validity.

Revised Rule 8 under the general rules to increase maximum number of players to 15 players per RP thread from the original 10 players and added additional minimum number of players for RP threads.
Revised Warnings & Penalties policy
Added Guidelines # 7 & 8 to the thread creation guidelines

For more information, questions, or clarifications, PM me, edsamac.
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Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
Closed because groups are now the preferred venue for role-play, and none have taken place in the forum games forum in a long time. (Also some of the information in the above is obsolete--for example, it gives a link to crunchyroll chat--- ha, ha, ha, ha.)
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