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The Medical Thread
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Posted 2/11/08 , edited 2/12/08

adnilheart wrote:

may be minor compared to more serious issues out there, but acne/blemishes? what do you guys use to clear up skin problems. I've tried a few things out there and some natural remedies, but I just wanted to see what everyone else did...

omg u know what helpp me like allloott sleeping and naping i know i know i didnt believe the whole beauti sleep crap eighter but once i took nap everyday for like 2 weeks i can see a change in my skin ! and also u can use real aloe plants like cut them and wipe the clear wet slammy stuff on ur face and leave it for like 30 min then wash it off. use a those facial scrubs or a really soft small plain tooth brush and scrub ur face with it whileusing a face wash then dry it and clean ur skin again with facial toner they really take off the dirt and oil then put lotion on cuz if u dont ur body is just gonna make moree oil on ur face and then ur pores get cloged up .wear sun block it provent dark spots winkles and stop pimple scars from getting draker and stuff it really works try it tell me if it worked 4 u kk
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