Midori no Hibi
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Couldn't fine a thread on this insane anime so I decide to make it from what I know it's not very well watched but it's made it to dvd/video so I guess it is kinda.
Unfortunately means it's not on CR and i couldn't find it on veoh or tv-links *cough Youtube*

Midori Days (美鳥の日々, Midori no Hibi?, "Days of Midori" or "Midori's Days"

(美鳥の日々, Midori no Hibi?, "Days of Midori" or "Midori's Days") is an 85-chapter manga and 13-episode anime series created by Kazurou Inoue. Japanese title of manga and anime is shared with one of Off Course singles. The title is also a pun referring to Greenery Day (みどりの日, Midori no hi?), the former name of Showa Day, a Japanese holiday forming part of Golden Week.

The manga was published in the magazine Shonen Sunday until July 2004, while the anime series aired between April and June 2004 in Japan on the anime television network Animax, who has also broadcasted the series across its networks worldwide, including Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Latin America and other regions. Studio Pierrot was the animation studio for the TV series. Media Blasters holds the North American license for the TV series, and VIZ Media licensed the manga in English in North America. Chuang Yi publishes the manga in Singapore in English.


Seiji Sawamura is the toughest student in his high school. His grades aren't very good because he fights more than he studies, but he tends to protect the weaker students from bullies. A few classmates idolize him; one (Midori Kasugano from a different school) shyly loves him from afar; but most are just afraid of him, which has made it impossible for him to find a girlfriend — until one morning when he wakes to find a miniature Midori attached to where his right hand used to be.

Over the next two weeks the pair adapt to this sudden and forced closeness. Much mayhem, and some romance, ensue. Seiji does his best to hide Midori from other people; she wears a bandage around her head and pretends to be his injured hand. Midori frequently professes her love to Seiji (even wearing a T-shirt which says "I ♥ Seiji"), but Seiji fails to notice, even as he frequently laments that he'll never find a girl who loves him.

The anime is shounen, with nudity and occasional (and lingering) views of bare breasts. The connection between Midori and Seiji appears to be between her waist and his wrist, but it is never shown (he always wears long sleeves, and she usually wears a dress) nor explained. Midori's body seems to function normally; she sleeps, eats, and (it's hinted by Dr. Makinoha) her physiological needs are fulfilled using Seiji's excretory system.

List of episodes

1. The Right-Hand Girlfriend
2. The Love between Us
3. The Day of Discoveries
4. Discovery of the Secret!?
5. The Power of Love
6. Shiori's Love-Love Battle!
7. First Date
8. Right-hand Seiji
9. Takky no Hibi
10. Distance of the Hearts
11. Fated Reunion
12. Sudden Parting
13. Our Days



Original Opening Song
Lyrics : rino
Composition : Masaya Suzuki
Performed by : CooRie

Mou Sukoshi... Mou Sukoshi...

Original Ending Song
Lyrics : Saori Atsumi
Composition : Saori Atsumi
Vocal : Saori Atsumi

What I think/you ?
It's a same it's not CR but abide by the law ^^ It's kinda strange to watch and cute at times but kinda sad I could cried at the end but the ending was ok. I'd like there to be a 2nd anime series to this but I guess they just continued in the manga.
What do you think ...Have you seen it ...If not why not ! ???
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:/ I feel bad that this is a duplicate, since you actually put some effort into your post.

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so u disapper to here
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Oh no ffs =(
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Midori No Hibi
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