your stories and your tung twisters
Posted 12/20/06 , edited 12/20/06
in this forum you can tell any story that you know they can be any genra funny,normal,made up,supernatural,supernatrual stories that happend to you ect

also you can post tounge twisters here is a tounge twister off the the top of my head

say this fast

fullers tuckers(multiple times)

and also this one may be random

im a turky feath plucker im one of the fastest turky feather pluckers in the world im not the fastest turky feather plucker but im the fastest in the the second fastest in the world in the turky plucker i pluck very fast but not ast fast as whole family are turcky pluckers my dad plucks hard my mum plucks fast my sister can pluck in a weird way. but i can do everything with a turky * wink

and my story

this may sound fake but this is true right me my mum my dad and my friend were at my house me and my friend were in my room playin ps2 and my mum and dad watchin tv in the livin room all of a sudden there is a power cut so the whole house goes pitch bluck (this was in the middle of the night my friend was sleepinn over) we thought it was the fusebox cause the whole of the street were ok so we check it owt but it turns out that the fuse box was fine so we started wanderin round findin out the poblem then we heard a scratchin sound in the livin room we searched the whole room and thin was there then somthing hit the back of my head i turned round ta find a stone (we had no stones in house) ( also at this point we had torches and candles) so we walk aorund tryin ta solve the problem then all of a suden again from the living room we heard knocking on glass it was very close to the tv and the only form of glass worund there was the tv so we walked away then we all heard a sound like someone was moaning to me it sounded like heeelllllppppp meeeeeee then we heard a different voice going go away now or somthing like that me and my friend freaked out my mum and dad calmed us down then all of a sudden the tv turned on then we all freaked out then a figure apered on the tv and it was our room no one was in it there was no recording video but it definately was our living room and then a man and a woman was on the screen you could hear the woman screamin and the man laughing maniacly then starts starin at the screen dad threw the remote at the screen broeke the tv glass then we all ran to our neighbours house

this is not a lie next day we got some ghost busters a medien and a monk ti exorsize the spirits away the medien told us that the woman was murdurd and the man was a cerial rapist along time ago and also that the deamon was keeping them back form the spirit world eventually the monk exersized them away we were well freaked

have fun p.s. i spelt tounge wrong on the title
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