Rain (bi) in Speed Racer Press.
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Posted 8/26/07 , edited 8/26/07
PRESS: I would like to ask Mr. Ji Hoon Jung and Mr. Joel Silver. First of all, Mr. Ji Hoon Jung would you explain to the Korean audience what your actual role in that movie is as a rival driver, and would you give us your first impression on the worldwide stage, such as a Hollywood movie. And second, for Mr. Joel Silver, what brought you to pick up and cast Mr. Ji Hoon Jung as the rival driver, and would you give us a specific reason why.

JI HOON JUNG: [translator speaking] When I received a proposal for this movie, I was really happy and thought it was a great chance. My role in this movie, as it is for Speed and Racer X, is to lead and defend family. I really like my role and I'm very excited to be part of this movie.

JOEL SILVER: When I was in Japan once, on a press tour that I went on, and we were there with a lot of Hollywood stars, there was a commotion in the lobby of the hotel and it wasn’t of course for us, it was for him, so I said, who is that guy? And somebody told me about him. He’s a pretty good looking guy and pretty talented and when the Bothers’ first impression about Speed Racer was to try to bring an international cast together, we thought about who is out there who might want to be a part of this project. I’m happy that he’s here and we’re all here together.


PRESS: [translator speaking] He is asking why Mr. Jung chose this film rather than the other big film he got another offer from; and the other thing is, what is his ambition as an actor instead of as a singer.

JI HOON JUNG: [translator speaking] I thought this is basically a lifetime chance … when I met Wachowskis I saw the pre-production stuff I was kind of overwhelmed. Basically I am pretty sure there is no doubt it is going to beyond your expectations. Whatever you thought or imagined, it is going to be beyond that, so that’s why I chose this one. Basically I really appreciate this opportunity, so thank you for that. Also the other cast and crew… Susan Sarandon is his favorite actress, and Matthew Fox, and Emile Hirsch, and all this all international cast, I’m really, really happy to be working with them. So just keep an eye on us and thank you for that, thank you for everything.


PRESS: [translator speaking] He’s asking Christina Ricci and Emile Hirsch if they know anything about Ji Hoon Jung and what they think about him.

EMILE HIRSCH: I love him.

CHRISTINA RICCI: Yes. I think I first heard about him on the internet actually and he’s awesome.

EMILE HIRSCH: One of the first films I worked on was with Justin Timberlake, and he was very big in America with the music, so it will be very cool to see how you shape up!

JI HOON JUNG: Thank you Hirsch.

EMILE HIRSCH: I think on June 6th Timberlake might be coming into town, so maybe we’ll go to the concert.

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Posted 8/26/07 , edited 8/26/07
Do we really need a new thread for everything that happens to him?

Bi (Rain)

Just use this thread.

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