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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
2 Samuel 22:31
As for God, His way is perfect;The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

Have you ever felt wronged, or been taken advantaged of? Unless you're Jesus or God Himself, I'm pretty certain these emotions rise at some point of time in your walk of life. The good news for believers, is this: The Lord is your Shield.

Don't feel anything? Think about it! It's not about some dark forces that you have to fight against that you need the shield. I'm not saying that we don't engage in spiritual warfare, but the Lord is shield for those who trust Him, and that shield is for ALL areas of your life!

What do you mean, er all areas? ALL AREAS! Whatever you're feeling, what circumstances you're going through, what you've heard, or said, or not said that was supposed to be said, or things that was right to do but you didn't do it. HEY! You won't fall out of fellowship with God just because of that! In fact, you need to understand the LOVE of God all over again!

I find that so many a times, people come with the misunderstanding that they walk in and out of fellowship with God. Do good, walk in light, do bad fall into darkness. These people, I really feel like slapping them awake! It's not about your works anymore, for that is the old covenant! The grace covenant that Jesus has paid with His blood for, is for us! Today! Now! Grace! Grace is something that's extended to you even when you don't deserve it, extended to you even when you can't repay it. That's grace!

When Jesus paid for your sins, HIS WORKS completed it all, so that you never have to pay with your works anymore. Under the 10 commandments, it is all 'Thou shalt' you shall you shall you shall. And none of the 10 could any one man keep. It's very important for believers to know that the Law - 10 commandments is not sin. It is righteous because it is God's standards. God didn't purposely create them to make man's life difficult. God is the same, now, today, forever. His laws are what governs his standards always! The tablets of stone is just an outward form, so man knew what standards God measures!

Now, the Law was not sin itself, rather it was a standard whereby man could measure themselves. Like an apparatus, a weighing scale perhaps. You won't know you're overweight unless you knew what the 'normal weight' was! Yet the weighing scale is not the one at fault.

God's love sent His Son, to die for you. Because no man could save themselves, God didn't want man to be condemned. It is pretty easy to give up when the going gets tough. You ever had times when things just looked so hard, there's no other way out? God faced this situation, but nothing was difficult. It was painful for Him though. If no man could save himself, yet God wants them saved, what does one do? Erase earth and man? Afterall, all man did was to sin and rebel and cause destruction to themselves. Yet God loved us. He may get angry, grieved but his predominant trait is love.

If you observe the scriptures carefully, it is not difficult to see how loved Jesus was (and is). Yet, Jesus never boasted of his own love for his Father. He depended on God's love for Him! Jesus grew up 30 years of his life, and he knew he was to die for all man. Yet Jesus was also full of love!

Now the next question would be why? 'Why Lord, why love me?' Well, do you ask your parents why they love you? For if they gave any reason at all, that love is conditional. I'll show you. If a child asks his dad: "Dad, why do you love me?" And the father replies: " Oh, it's because you're so obedient and quiet and nice to others." The kid is going to grow up thinking that being obedient is key to getting love! A kid doesn't know anything, but what he's told. In that same manner, if you tell the child that they are loved because of something they do, they will grow up thinking that if they have done something wrong, that love will be stopped.

God's love is unconditional. Therefore He cannot give you any reason why he loves you. God is love. This equation is as equal as it can get. It's like saying sea is a place with water. There is no way you can take away love from God. Then some people go 'oh that's because God is god what. He's supposed to love us cos he's god.'

Those people who think like that, are precisely the ones who don't feel loved. They don't think they are loved. Those who are more conscious of Love of God for them walk in peace, more than those who try to earn his favour. When you've found a better job, do you go back to the old? When you fInd a shortcut, do you still take the long and tedious road? God created this new covenant FOR you, with his love that cost His only begotten son, so why are you neglecting his love? You only have to realise of His love for you!

A loving Father won't purposely make his child 'mature' and 'build character' by putting the kid in fire when he or she has done wrong. He won't drive a car over their child's legs because the kid was naughty and kept running around! That's sick, yet people accuse Him of doing that! They go like 'Oh God is angry with you, that's why you're sick! Go ask for His forgiveness now! Pray!' Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying you shouldn't do these things, like praying and asking for forgiveness, but don't think of it as 'God caused this disease on me or someone.' God's plans are always to bless and not to harm us.

Don't pray to ask FOR forgiveness thinking that if you don't confess, he will NEVER forgive. Listen, Jesus paid for all your sins. There is nothing not to forgive anymore. While you may still commit sins, like Noah in the ark, whenever he fell, it was inside the ark. Commiting sins will not get you out of fellowship. 'Then what about if I sin a lot?' You're loved, greatly loved! Know you're forgiven and the blood of Jesus on the mercy seat is everlasting, forever cleansing you! Like a waterfall, there's no 'expiry date' to this covenant. Jesus is our high priest forever!

'Well, if you say so, then it means I can go commit great sins like adultery and all? I'm forgiven already.' Hey. When you walk with the Lord, conscious of His love for you, you will fall out of love with sins. My pastor gave a great example. If a prostitute were to be forgiven by the king, she won't feel compelled to change her lifestyle, even though there's forgiveness. But if she and the king were to marry because of love, she would inherit his riches, his honor, his name, her status would be different! Do you think she would want to go back into prostitution?

Today we are children of God! We have different identities! We are who God says we are, not what you do! The Lord be your shield! It's not just shield for circumstances when you have to battle invisible spirits, it's a shield of righteousness for everything! When you fall into sin, the righteousness of the Lord keeps you upright, and the blood of Jesus cleanses and washes you clean. When you discard this truth and stop relying on God, that's when you fall from grace.

So back to our original scenario. When you feel wronged by someone, do you try to prove yourself? Is your identity based on what you do? Or what God says you are? 'The Lord is a shield to those who trust Him.' It's not just a normal shield. It is the LORD himself! A father will never ask his child who was bullied to fend for himself. The father himself will protect his kid, while teaching his child to be graceful and show mercy.

Don't retaliate or try to fight back. Our weapons today are weapons of love. Whatever is unjust against you, show love and mercy, and if there is a need to be defended the Lord himself will execute it, in ways that even you cannot do it. But bless others, because 'blessed are those who blesses you, cursed are those who curses you'. Show mercy to others instead of a small heart. People reflect what they have. If you receive a lot of love from God and realise it, you'll show a lot of love to others. People who don't think they are loved, despite God's so many repeated sayings in the Bible are those who will be selective in loving others.

People ask me how to convince people of God. Isn't it the best way? When a kid can show others what his father has taught Him, the father is honored. If the kid keeps talking all day about how great his dad is, but is not abiding his father's words, there is little to convince.
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Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/19/08
Wow. You're right. Nice, with the spiritual warfare we really do need him as a shield.
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