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Posted 8/26/07 , edited 8/27/07
I would like to say something about the features used when posting threads. The selection of command's for the text are limited to Underline, Italic Font and Bold aswell as Emotes and "Create Hyperlink". This is the downfall of crunchyroll, I admire this site because it allows me to watch video's as they load at extremly fast rates, it freaks me out. The only problem is, we need these key features:

1. Center Feature: Centers your writing
#1 Example: [Center]Justin[/Center]

2. Size Feature: Select a size for your text
#2 Example: [Size=6]Justin[/Size]

3. Color Feature: Select different color's for your text
#3 Example: [Color=red]Justin[/Color]

4. Preview Feature: Allows you to see how your post is going to look before you post it, so you can make adjustment's
#4 Example: When you post a new thread, beside the "Post New Topic" button is a "Preview Topic" button.

5. Attachment Feature: Attach files onto your thread as a download
#4 Suggestion: This may increase bandwidth, I am unaware if it can but if it does I would leave this suggestion alone.

1.Do you think the CR Staff should create these features?
2.Do you have any other suggestions?
3.Should we leave CR as it is?
4.Do you think that these features should be created?

#1 The last 30 forum sites I've been to almost have every single feature listed here?
#2 CrunchyRoll has the least ammount of features on its forum then I've seen on every forum I've ever been to.

I meen no disrespect to CrunchyRoll, it just needs to add more features and sculpt its Forum, good job on the IRC though.
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Posted 8/26/07 , edited 8/27/07
Though it's nice that you're thinking of ways to make CR better, that's the reason why we have a suggestions thread:


You can post this in the said thread. :)

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Posted 8/26/07 , edited 8/27/07
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