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how does one become charismatic

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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/15/08
Just be yourself and it'll come naturally. (:
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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
hm.... need to man up >_<
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Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
Here are my tips:

1. Learn to be confident without being arrogant. This will enable you to draw people naturally to you.
2. Read and learn about as many and varied topics as possible. This will enable you to express clearly, forcefully, and persuasively your views regardless of time and place.
3. Listen and respect others' views even when you disagree with them. This will enable you to learn about what others think and turn it to your advantage.
4. Approach, talk to, and learn about PEOPLE from different walks of life without fear or contempt (because charisma as we understand it is really about PEOPLE). The easiest way to do is by asking them questions about themselves and their lives (hobbies, jobs, families)...You will be amazed at how people are always eager to talk about themselves....Try not to overdo this though, for some people are very sensitive...
5. Pick out any charismatic person/figure that you idolize and study him or her (Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Gandhi, Mandela, Jesus, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and even Hitler): their gestures, the way they speak, walk, dress...etc. You will find all these figures have the abovementionned traits in common. Also noteworthy is a certain air of simplicity, modesty, and humility that these people tend to express...Without emulating them, find your own style and way of displaying confidence, and knowledge.
6. Finally, dress properly and according to situations (nothing flashy though): yes, charisma is sometimes about looks too
You will notice that charisma is to a large degree a manipulative game. You exert your intellectual and physical attributes to bring people to like you. But the real and true charisma is the one that makes people listen to you and more importantly carry out your wishes...
There you have it. Some of my tips can be immediately applied (like dresssing properly). Others will take you some time. But isn't charisma worth it though? I think it is.
Remember, your goal as a charismatic person is to move others, not the other way around. I hope you will succeed in your quest...

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Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
charismatic people say exactly what people want to hear and to their face, they are not afraid to look you straight in the eye, shake your hand firmly and know for certain that they are absolutely right in the matter .

bastards are too confident in my opinion lol i dont trust charismatic people .
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Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
Charisma is just simple mind games. Don't outwardly display stress, never seem to second guess yourself, and have full faith in how your acting. Because how you act is what your project.. seem confident and relaxed, make eye contact, treat everyone as equal, no looking up, no looking down..

Don't mispeak. think what your going to say, and how.. don't leave it open to misinterpretation. you want to sound sure.. and you want to look sure to...

And most importantly... tell people what they want to hear.... compliment them.. not so often that its always insincere... but compliment them in a way tailored to them.. so they feel special.. they feel your being kind just to them...

you want everyone to think your a great guy.. its a long and pointless slog.. its something that will take alot of time, and will probably not work for you at all, unless you practice it for a long time, and even then maybe not until you leave behind your current peers and move on..

charisma is easy really... its just being self assured without being a dick.. but its not easy to keep that turned on, unless you really have that confidence

all that said, i think its over rated, and if i were you i wouldn't bother , you don't get shit out of it, unless your just looking for popularity. its good for business, and favours, but its not good for happiness and true friends.. giving people what they want.. they'll feel attached to you, but you won't to them.. it won't be an overly unhappy lifestyle... but it aint magical either... really, you either have it naturally or you dont... and if you have to ask, you dont ,so have you to make do with an artificial imitation.

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