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Job Applications

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21 / F / Under your bed
Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/23/08
User: mangalvr
Job: Candy counter girl
Chara: Yes, 4 (Edit: But one is sleeping for long time... )
Why I want: I have alot of time on my hands, trust me. Also, it seems fun.
Edit: I want to be a candy counter girl because it seems fun, and I could clean it.
Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
Job:Hotel Manager and special events decorator
Chara:Yes.Mizu is a chara that i made.and shes like my twin....lots of people know that i can be nerve racking yet caring.She loves leading things just like i do.We all love music,and beautiful creations.If something happeneds she would fight physicaly.LOVES ALL HER FRIENDS!ohh yea..and food.
y you wan:becuz,im always on and has the courage to help this group better!we can move it to 7 stars!lol.Ill never give up!if i have 1 mission to do,i have to acclompish it!

one done (hotel manager)
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F / °°°****somewhere...
Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
Job: umm pianist and...^^;
Do you have a chara? (optional): yes, her name is haruka,
If entertainer what would you do? (optional) : etoo...pianist..
Why you wan?
pianist i luv to play the piano, and i love to make ppl happy with it

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23 / F / philippines
Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/8/08

candychess wrote:

Please choose from one of these jobs and give suggestions 4 new ones.

1. Waitresses/Waiters
2. Nurses/Doctors
3. Chefs
5. Maids(housekeeping)
6.A hotel manager
7.A candy counter girl
8. Massager (Maybe about..... 4 or 5)
9. Lifeguard
10. Assistant hotel manager
11. Bell boy
12. Plumbers
13. Special events decorator
14. Massager
15. Gardener
16. Pro cake decorator
17. Restaurant cashier
18. Entertainer (singing? dancing? juggling? lol.) Other oso can.

Fill in:
Job(more than one?): --max of 3--
Do you have a chara? (optional):
If entertainer what would you do? (optional) :
Why you wan?


job:doctor cause im interested in medicine,lifeguard cause if im a doctor then i know CPR,entertainer a pianist i think i also know how to play piano
do you have a chara?yes a girl who likes to help people and wants to play different music (do i have to include name?if so her name is castil
if entertainer what would you do?id like to be a pianist cause i love to play piano since im 3 yrs. old thats why

thanks ^^

two done (doctor n pianist)
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21 / F / Earth.
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/22/08
Username: AnimeFreakFreaks
Job: Entertainer
Chara: Kita, she is calm and confident
Why singer: i want to see smiles on peoples faces

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23 / F / Brazil
Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
Job- Hotel Manager and enterteiner
Chara-Karin and Violet
Why i want- I want be the costumers happy and i love dance!

all done
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F / USA. nuff said.
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 1/1/09
Job(more than one?): --max of 3-- I can be a Pro cake decorator because I love to cook! ^^ Or I can be an entertainer.
Do you have a chara? (optional): Yuki, Yukari/Yukaro (Twins), and Yuka.
If entertainer what would you do? (optional) : I love to sing, play piano, and play violin.
Why you wan? Like I said I love music but I also like cooking, I think it would be nice for me to do something to help out the group! ^^

one done (cake decorator)
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23 / F / Somewhere in some...
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 1/17/09
User: Cocohana
Job:A candy counter girl, Pro cake decorator
Why you want?:
candy counter girl:it sounds really fun, i will work hard. I guess i am funny, can't sing, (sucks at dancing) maybe i can this this ><

Pro cake decorator: i love to do this kind of stuff. its really fun. i will try to make it good. i have really cool ideas!

i hope i get one job ^^

one done (cake decorator)
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23 / F / Edamame
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 1/17/09
User: Yuuko-amane
Job:waitress,A candy counter girl,maid
since i can't cook or sing,and dance, so that makes me a bad entertainer,i'm not good at hospitalizing,and gardening
because it seem fun also i'm clean,i'm good at my math,and i like serve people

one done (waitress)
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 1/17/09
Job(more than one?):Waitresses, A candy counter girl
Why you wan?:im not good at the other jobs

one done (waitress)
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24 / F / Heaven
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/17/09
Do you have a chara?:Aki-chan
Why you want:Sounds fun to do.I'll do my best.

all done
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/17/09
User: princessofheart8
Job: waitress, maid, candy counter girl
Do you have a chara?: 4 of them!
If entertainer what would you do?: Singing, guitar?
Why you wan?: waitress coz i'm always super hyper so I will whizz around tables fast and make customers happy, maid coz i think cleaning is fun, candy counter girl coz i totally love candy, so I can tell the customers how wonderful it is and they will want to buy it!

one done (waitress)
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F / Im not tellin.......
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/17/09
User: cherryblossom_888
Job(more than one?): dancer,nurse and waitress
Do you have a chara? (optional):Yukio
If entertainer what would you do? (optional) :dancer
Why you wan?I want to be a dancer because in real life i learnt dancing for 7 years, a nurse because i want to study medical issues
and a waitress because i think it just might be fun to.

all done
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21 / F / Florida .
Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/30/09
User: Chooba76
Job: Waitress and Chef
Chara: Rise or Risette
Why do u want: I want to be a chef becuz I'm a really good cook and a waitress because I want to get big tips! lol! And I wuld make food with luv in it. And as a waitress every1 comes will want to come back!
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22 / F
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
User- pinksky209
Jobs- Pro Cake Decorator, Candy Counter Girl, and Chef
Charas- Forsty, Kiwi
Why do you want- I want to be a cake decorator, a candy counter girl, and a chef becuz i just want to see the looks on people's faces when they enjoy what we do for them and i want to support it... by making yummy food for every1
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