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**Invent a Zanpaktou

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27 / M / y should i tell...
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 2/24/07
1)Give a name
2)Give command to go shikkai
3)describe shikkai
4)describe powers gained in shikkai
5)describe powers gained in bankai
6)describe physical manifestaion of Zanpakutoh
7)(optional)describe it's weilder

(if you can draw please include a drawing)
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38 / F / Utah
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 12/22/06
3.lethaly curved blade. For bankai it looks like the demon sword.
4.Instantly kill in one hit without fail.
5.Instantly kills anything around the user.
I'll fill in the ??? after I'm done thinking what to put in it.
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F / United States
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 12/22/06
2.Bind, Himagure
3.Like a gymnastics ribbon, but stronger than steel and leathly sharp.
4.Bind and slice the enemy as well as extend and protect the weilder
5. Can slow down time ( Shikai slows downthe enemy in teh physical plane, bankai goes a step further.)
6.Dunno yet

Sorry for so many details, I just really love to think these things up!
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28 / F / Another realm
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 12/22/06
1. Ku
2. Shock, Ku!!
3. Lightning bolt shaped spears
4. Diverts Physical attacks
5. Steals enemies's electrical forces and shoots it back at them
6. Looks like a guy, red eyes, brown hair, 4 inches tall, age unknown
7. Me
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27 / M / Sioux Falls SD
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 12/22/06
2.Release the bonds Kilv
3.Blade with spikes that spin around like a chainsaw
4.sikes launch out like missles homing in on enemy while i attack
5.allows use of time control i can go back in time up to 10 seconds everything then goes at 1/100000 normal speed
6.humanoid red fox 4foot 6in able to warp anywhere
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29 / M / Here
Posted 12/21/06 , edited 12/22/06
1. Vygore
2. Split Vygore
3. Two swords of pure energy that split from the original, they can potentially change into 4 different forms allowing different combinations and abilities
4. form one allows creation of force fields, form two can heal when striking a target but not restore life, form three can strike the spirit of an enemy only, and the fourth just a really big and powerful sword
5. combine all the abilities together instead of having two out at a time (also gain Vygore's wings.)
6. Vygore the Dragon 20ft tall (can switch souls with the weilder and fight in thier place)
7. Me, no one else can handle such power lol
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25 / M / Poplar Bluff, Mis...
Posted 1/2/07 , edited 1/2/07
1.Kurokaen (it means black flame)
2.Ignite Kurokaen (might change)
4.Of course to control fire. Still thinking exactly what it does.
7.Me. The Vice Captain of the 100th division.

sorry about all the ?. i havent really thought much about it. and the 100th division was made up by my friend who is my captain. we became the 100th division as a joke.
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Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
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27 / M / The World
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
2.release seal pix later^^
5.......unknown(two most powerful attack:Oblivion and Final Judgement)
6.......uses my life energy(inturn will eventually killz me)
7.......(captain of the Zero division)
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27 / M / Not Where I Want...
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
2)Hush Kamizetsu
3)normal-a double edged sword,Shikai-a sword with ripples after the point which is shaped an arrow(note:the sword has hooks to have a painful experience when it is pulled out),and Bankai-splits into 2 swords(one kami one zetsu)Kami-uses element of light and is basically half of the shikai cept smaller while Zetsu uses darkness.
4)silence(stops magical effects)
5)increase speed, silence, increased reiatsu,healing,enhanced power
6)two swords with multiple hooks for a ripping effect on the opponents flesh.
7)Shikai-Has a white and red headband with regular shinigami clothing and the sword is attached to his back while the shirt has an automatic sword incasing device.
Bankai-He has a hollow mask covering half his face with a half torn shirt and regular shinigami pants and with a white streak going diagnolly across the shirt and straight down the pants. his hair is long and white with 5 red streaks equal distance apart.the swords are on his back forming an X with a glowing aura around each.
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F / Japan
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
1) name Révélation
2) command Révèle
3) description A long sleek silver blade. The hilt is wrapped in a pink satin fabric lined with a delicate lace.
4) shikkai power In shikkai, the ability to create a force field or barriere around the wielder and it's opponent blocking all sound and sight of the battle from others. In addition, any damage/alterations/acts done within the barriere do not effect the actual physical area.
5) bankai power In bankai, the sword increases movement speed and agility of the wielder. Through the means of a beautiful dance and swift sword movements all clothing is removed from the opponent.
6) physical manifestation A beautiful women clothed only of daifuu. A seductrice.
7) wielder A lonely girl obsessed with daifuu.
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30 / M / The Wastelands
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
Mine has a duel aspect
1.Iname (pronounced e-na-me)
2.Live, Iname/Die Iname
3.Duel Swords. European Style. The life aspect is pure white, The death aspect is jet black
4. (a) life aspect has the power to heal and form defensive barrier, no offensive capability beyond being a sword.
(b) death aspect Can cripple and make any part it cuts useless, part will die unless healed by life aspect.
5.Becomes one sword in Bankai. Can totally cripple any person it cuts. They immediately begin to die. Can fire healing waves. Causes the plants to grow and bloom within ten feet of it, only to die when the sword leaves the area. Can bring people back to life, but can only bring a particular person back once.
6. Legendary Creature Iname, Constantly changes form from rotting death to shining light creature to green nature creature.
7. ME!

Kudos to anyone who gets the Iname reference.
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28 / M / Where ever theres...
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
I'm going to be mysterious

2)Split ?????
3)Shikai-Strong defense and Power
4)Split everything in half even spirit particles
5)Bankai-Close to perfect Speed, Defense, power

6)dragon with a powerful claw, that was killed and the claw was turned into a sword
7)Was out going, now just silent
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32 / M / Canada
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
1. Fubar
2. It's FUBAR time!
4. allows the user to slip into stealth-mode draining the enemy's energy per contact
5. allows the user to go total berserk until the enemy is destroyed
6. Tyler Durden
7. me
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26 / F / where dingos eat...
Posted 1/16/07 , edited 1/17/07
1) fuyu hotaru
2)soar fuyu hotaru
3)hilt looks like dragonfly wings. blade splits in three. the middle is straight and outer curve to each side
4) don't know yet sorry
5)gives me wings and the abilty to control fire and ice
6)ancient mystical firefly
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