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**Invent a Zanpaktou

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27 / M / ..where the trees...
Posted 3/31/07 , edited 3/31/07
2.(always on shikkai)
3. Lighting sharp, katana shape blade!
4. Agian, Lighting sharp blade, can cut through everything! Increases your attack and moving speed by 25% when is in use. Can copy the moves of the opponent!(like sharingan)
5.In Bankai it takes the shape of a lighting bolt! And can hit with lighting on range over 250 feet!
6.Looks like a white wolf with light-blue eyes and tip of the tail Fast as the lighting itself!
7.Myself or the person I trust the most!
Posted 3/31/07 , edited 3/31/07
2)Purge(or explode) Omega
3) Its a black longsword with a white line down the middle,and a white eye
4) When you slice,it emits a wave of light(holy),Energy that rips everything,its range can be controlled,Also your speed doubles.
5) The sword turns into a beam of white lustering enery,and its eye turns pure red,wings rip out of the person who wields the blade,Blade and wielder speed is incredibly faster,Ability to levitate(fly)
6) A black dragon,with white eyes,the spirit of the dragon lives inside the blade,and changes it form when its energy explodes)
7) Meh,havent really came up with that
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29 / M / donde mas quicier...
Posted 4/2/07 , edited 4/2/07
1) Tooi Yoake
2) Cut Through Darkness Tooi Yoake
3) Typical Katana with a cloudy black blade where the edge shines like bright silver. Guard is a mixture between pure gold and same cloudy black appearence. Hilt is is just like the hilt of a regular katana but has a rugged red orangy color capped at the end with deep prussian blue jem.
4) Shikkai uses light engery to cut through demensions as well as opponent. User can use light powers to become invisible and enable battle movements.Blade can shoot out energy blade blasts by taking one's reitsu or gathering spirit energy particles.
5) Bankai retains powers from Shikkai. Bankai further enhances powers greatly. allows user to be able to accelerate to the speed of light if needed.
6)Blade can transform accordingly to the wishes of the user. (Creative use) blade can transform in ribbon like blade that can, extend infinately, attack ,shield and shrink back to normal katana or any blade form the user wishes. Blade is constructed of illumnating properties. ie: the blade is made of light energy, but gaurd stays the same, hilt is a vibrant powerade bue. prussian blue jem turns into garnet.
7) User has apparel that is mixed between ninja and samurai. All clothes shines an extreme white with vibrant blue aura
hahahaha. wow that was long.
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26 / M / 地球
Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
Neeeeeecro Poooooost~!!

1: HoRyuJin
2: Bakuhatsu! HoRyuJin!! (Explode! HoRyuJin!!)
3: A Double-Bladed Naginata with a Blades that burn with a red-hot glow.
4: Shikkai use flames that burn away the opponent's reiatsu.. The user can also use the flames as a shield.
5: Bankai turns into two burning gauntlets that retain the abilities of Shikkai but with more power.
6: Gauntlets can use the opponent's reiatsu to increase power.....And, copy the opponent's Zanpaktou.

Well....That's all I can think of...
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32 / F / Rotterdam
Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
here is my sword

1: Tsubasa.
2: Cry Tsubasa.
3: The blade chanche from a solid one to a sound version of it.
4: The blade start to go cry supersonic sound, whit the sound u can get your aponemt out of ballance.
5: After bankai the blade become a solid blade again, but is 2x so long, and the coller will be flame red whit real flames. the flames call now the supersonic sound.
7: the user looks like if he is on fire.
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26 / M
Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
how long did everyone take to do this
i wish i had the time span to do this dang
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30 / F / you seriously don...
Posted 6/15/07 , edited 6/15/07
hehe... i think everyone here have good idea what they want their Invent a Zanpakutoh like.. kinda cool.. hehe..
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26 / M / 地球
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/18/07

d3coy wrote:

how long did everyone take to do this
i wish i had the time span to do this dang

LMAO......I just thought it up while I was typing. XD
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/18/07
1) Goukazaru (Hell Fire Monkey)
2) Blaze, Goukazaru
3) Splits into small fireballs that aim for the enemy ( Similar to Katon : Housenka no Jutsu
4) Ability to burn enemys when the enemy gets close and blast fireballs
5) Same as shikai but the wielder is 10x faster 10x stronger and can blast giant fireballs from sword and like Hitsugaya Toushiro's dragon, Goukazaru is a monkey and instead of its face appearing, its fists appears quite like Enma in Naruto.
6) Sword can blow up into tiny fire pieces and return to the user as well as attack the enemy
7) Me - yellow (azn) guy, 14, 5 ft 6. black spikey hair

LOL that was long...
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/18/07
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47 / M / Georgetown, ohio
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
1) Tierisnai
2) awaken
3) The blade extends to about 5' long, glows white slightly.
4) with each cut made the ability to use spirit energy is blocked and the wounds are delayed and wont open until the command is given by the user.
5) Knights of the Round ( I know, borrowed it from FF7) 24 knights all with blades that have the same power as in Shikkai surround opponent and use the 10,000 slash move, opponent doesnt realize he has been hit until its too late.
6) Ancient Gold Dragon of the same name as the Zanpakutoh
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30 / M / Puyallup
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
xD i saw this exact same thread on Stoptazmo....very funny
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Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
1.Shobatsu ( random stuff)
2. Vanish, shobatsu
3.sword disapears and little pieces of sword gets into the enemies body and when i say katsu, it expands out of the victim and start slicing the person
4.bankai. it wheels around a circle one time like the littl epieces of sword. and goes into the ground . i control all gravity and the swords will form a barrier around the victim. And crushing it with barriars of rocks. Thats move #1 no name. ok move #2 if victim does not die. I will put my sword together. And get resiastu. and like gather all the elements. Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth, and whats the last one.... Wind. And do mutiple attacks with my sword with these moves. when they're glowing. and they shoot out er kidou blasting stuff when im wacking the oponent to. move #3 werrrrr LoL my imperior final attack. with the ichigo and kenpachi battle similar i put all my energy in my sword. and gather all 5 elements and wield it.ETC ok if it DOESNT work illl move to number 4 which my zankpaktou turns into gravity basicaloy vanishes and i can control any gravity i want with my ahds. I raise the victim and crush him like gaara did with the sand coffin except with gravity pressure.
6/. i dont get this question
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
2)Spare none, Azrael
3)Two identical swords, blunt side blue, sharp side white'ish blue'ish, bottom of the sword isn't blunt but a short double edged blade
4)The power to increase maximum speed by 50%, blades turn red
5)To move at the speed of light but only until reiatsu runs dry
6)a 3d silhouette of myself
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Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
1. Akari no Kamisama (uhmmm .. i think God's fury.. well, something like that hehehe)
2. Shine!
3. Becomes Blood Red. Big Broadsword. the size of a whole human being. has a
big gem in the middle that continually shines. it also a a small chain with a
small dagger attacehd on the hilt.
4. a. Defense-Gives owner a shoulder brace and a chest guard that cuts spriit
attack damage
b. Inate - Increases Speed, Agility, Strength and Dexterity
c. Attack - Sword will glow brighter than before and will be able to slice thourgh
almost anything
5. Sword changes from Blood red to Shining silver. becomes sleeker and sharper.
a. Defense - Full armor ( Black in color ), Abosrbs Spirit energy in surroundings
and in opponents attacks. Also includes wings with Black metallic feathers
b. Inate - Spirit energy, speed, Agility, Strength, and dexterity
c. Attack
1. Sword can slash through anything
2. an energy blast
3. A bright light from the heavens that will dissolve spirit and matter
6. A woman angel with dark wings.
7. An un-named Deathgod thatw as imprisoned ages ago due to a twisted sense
of Justice
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