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**Invent a Zanpaktou

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33 / M / Sugoi Lagro , Fai...
Posted 6/18/07 , edited 6/19/07
1.Light Saber
3.Red,Blue Like a rainbow sword ...
4.Shining Sword can easily blind you to death..
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27 / M
Posted 6/19/07 , edited 6/19/07
1. hell fire blade
2. hells fire
3. duel blade scimitars with flames around them
4. able to draw fire from hell thats so hot it can burn anything
5. send the user and the one he's fighting into a dark realm where fire controls all
7. wheres a black robe that covers everything has red eyes and claws.

lol If only it were true it be me.
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31 / Philippines
Posted 6/20/07 , edited 6/21/07
This Zanpakutoh is unique.. coz it has a number of different shikais and bankais

1) Void
2) Burn, void - fire element
Slash, void - wind element
tremble, void - earth element
drown, void - water element
shiver, void - ice element
shine. void - light
blind, void - darkness
roar, void - electric element
degress, void - void element

3) fire - normal katana and sheath..
wind - blade dissapeaars, leaving only the hilt..
water - blade becomes wavy and turns blue
earth - sword becomes a discuss-like boomerang
ice - blade turns to ice
electric - blade becomes charged with electricity..ike lightning steadily sorrounding it.
light - blade becomes transparent
dark - blade turns all black with gray mist sorrounding the blade
void - blade becomes hazy. unsure of what form to take

4) fire - able to lauch fire-based attacks using the friction caused by hitting the sheath and/or the blade together or to anything that can cause friction(e.g. ground, wall, another sword). able to manipulate fire..
wind - since there is no blade, the sword utilizes the air around it.. it can launch long-range or meelee attacks when swinging the sword.. it creates a blade of air when swung around.. able to contorl the air around and alter its properties
water - forms water from the moisture in the air. able to control water, but cannot alter its properties, only pressure. this type can perform healing abilities.
earth - boomerang acts as a shield, increasing defense. able to control the soil and its properties. this is disadvantageous in air battle.
ice - using moisture in the air, it can create ice by freezing the water. anything the blade touches turns into ice. making it easily breakable. although the blade is made of ice itself, it is reinforced with spiritual energy making it virtually unbreakable.
electric - able to control electricity using the electrons in the air. speed is increased.
light and dark - can perform lighht or dark based attacks, able to affect the nervous system of the opponent using light of darkness.
void - the form of this blade is decided upon by combining two different elements. the power of this blade is the combined power of the different elements. but not all elements can be fused together.. only harmonious elements can be combined..

list of unharmonious elements:
light and dark, ice and electricity, electricty and earth,

5)fire - increased strength, gives the user wings of fire. the blade becomes fire itself. to get to this form the katana must be inside its sheath.
wind - increased speed, able to flow freely like the wind.
water - able to breathe underwater. once the opponent is cut with this bankai, the opponent and the user are drowned into a large bubble of water, in other words, somewhat like the water prison in naruto.. and they continue to fight in there.
earth, increased defense. earth attacks can now be performed in the air.
ice - increased defense, ice beams can be emitted from the blade. ice takes form accordinng to the will of the user.
electric - swword becomes a bow and arrow.. hammer of the gods.. thor.. can create lightning that attacks the opponent.
light - sword becomes a paladin's lance. increased strength and defense. enables holy attacks.. and heals..
dark - sword becomes an assasin's knnife. increased speed.. able to use death attacks.
void - can use two bankais or shikais or combination of both at once including the unharmonious elements..

6)fire- phoenix
wind - falcon
water - byakko
ice - dragon
earth - turtle
electricity - firefly
light - cross
dark - hell's butterfly
void - nothing

7) me

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26 / F / The Midwest
Posted 6/20/07 , edited 6/21/07
Hello all.

This is Captain Rashiruru Shihouin of the 100th division.

There is a roleplaying thread called Bleach RP were shinigami are everywhere. So for any one who creates a zanpakuto and wants to put it in action you can join a division. So PM me and I will set you up a place and you can be a shinigami!

Thank you,
Captain Rashiruru Shihouin

Here's a little treat....I'll tell you about my zanpakuto.

Her name is Sochi, in her first form she is a 12 inch ruler, intial she turns into a meter stick, my command is 'Measure, Sochi', and my bankai...why don't you join the RP to find out.
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Posted 6/20/07 , edited 6/21/07

2)Paper split/release(jap)
3)Basic blade with abit of curves
4)Summons paper
5)Summons alot of paper (kidna like the byukaka guy) can shield, attack, clone people
6)Its a blade made up of paper the shape of the sword is undefined for now
7)me ;D
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26 / M / 地球
Posted 6/21/07 , edited 6/21/07
Damn.....I came up with another one. o_o

2),Umare, TsukiKage (Come Forth, TsukiKage)
3),Katana with a blade as pure silver as the moon and a hilt as black as a shadow.
4),Uses psychic energy to cut through the enemy's mind.
5),Unlocks the user's full potential for 120 minutes.

Damn.....I can't think of anything else....
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26 / M / behind you
Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
1) Zagatare
2) freeze zagatare
3)sword is black and medium ways down turns to white. hilt is black
4)every slice freezes spirit force
5)sword is 3 times longer once cut three times the oppenent has no spirit energy.
6)user (me) gains inmeasurable speed and a clear cape
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25 / F / Arkansas
Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
Hello! I am 1st Seat Arisu Usagawa of the 100th Division! As BlackMokonaHolic (Captain Rashiruru) said above, we have an RP thread! So if you want to join, just PM Sota228 and ask him about it!

1) Mizu
2) Flood, Mizu
3) Blade becomes wavy, one side black one side white to symbolize the light/dark side of water.
4) I am able to use water/ice based attacks, and I can also use it to heal.
5) Can use electric powers as well, highly defensive against Kido and long ranged attacks, weak against direct attacks, and the rest I haven't figured out yet.
6) A little girl with straight blue hair down to her waist who wears a yellow kimono.

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29 / M / To the Sunset
Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
1) Durandal
2) Set up, Durandal!
3) Sword changes into a black colored claymore with black electrical currents around it.
4) Power to control ice and lightning
5) Sword of the storms! Durendal! 7 pure white metal swords at the back serves as wings and conduct both electricity and ice plus an ability to copy an enemies's attack into one sword. Weilder gets a white outfit with a ring behind him. Speed and power increased like hell. (final form) Twilight's Edge. Putting all his reiatsu into one sword it changes into a bracelet that allows the user to reduce the enemy's zanpakutou to a stick and not allowing to change the changed item forever
6) Blue haired guy with green eyes and a black outift
7) *points to self*

wow sounds gay
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27 / M / Cloud 9
Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
Eliwoods Durandal?
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29 / M / singapore
Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
1) Yume no Sora *Dreams of sky*
2) Radiate, Dreams of Sky
3) Blades duplicates into 2 sword and surounding turns into open air.
4) Enemy goes into confusing not knowing the real coordinates on the land and the wind pressure slows down thier movement and attack speed and also prevents shinpou
5) Bankai * restrict opponents reiatsu and wielder can vanish together with clouds and appear else where as long as there's clouds.
6) A Bishoujo being wrap loosely around her body by a long white robe and showing off some fair smooth skin on the thighs and side breast view.
7) A bishounen who only care for no one else but his zanpaktou and issolated himself from soul society affairs unless theres a real danger which enrage him.
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28 / M / Johor, Malaysia
Posted 7/16/07 , edited 7/16/07
1.Wakizashi no Joshi *wakizashi(small sword like Gin Ichimaru sword) of Particles
2.Scatter,Deadly Particles
3.Trillions of Sharp particles will scatter and penetrate the enemies like Senbonzakura,but this technique can penetrate senbonzakura kageyoshi easily and far stronger.
4.The Movement will increased in 10 times.
5.The Particles will be increasing in numbers,speed,strength,and accuracy.
6.Looks like a ancient samurai who wields 3 katanas in both hands like Azure Dragon.
7.Me.When bankai all of the clouds will be black,I'll be invisible,and the sword will dissapear into Trillion of Deadly Poisoned Particles that penetrates through the bodies of the enemy.

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27 / M / Scotland
Posted 7/17/07 , edited 7/17/07

2)change ranmyaku

3)A constantly shifting blade, never one shape for long, can one second be colourful and bright and the next look dull and gray.

4)A totally random change in power, the weilder has a chance to have a power greater than the gods but also has a chance to become as helpless as an infant while wielding her in shikkai, in this form the weapons power doesn't cange at all only the weilders.

5)Bankai forces the blade and its weildeer to become one form, the shifting stops and raw chaotic power surrounds the now combined for. Instead of a sword the combined form weilds pair of gauntlets that can change any aspect of anything they touch up to a point of total destruction, the only weakness of this weapon is that its abilities are always completey random and can swing the battle either way.

6)One second a beautiful young woman, the next a tiny newly born infant or maybe an old woman close to death...the form of this Zanpakutoh is always female but never the same twice.


Sorry never really thought about this until now can't think up a weilder though...
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28 / M
Posted 7/17/07 , edited 7/17/07
1. Pimp stick
2. Tap that, pimp stick
3. Anyone I cut becomes my ho.
4. I get special slap that bitch powers and a larger.....................................................sword
5. Summon all hoes to give me money and get into a gigantic orgy. Then, the hilt becomes a camera to film it all.
6. Hilt becomes a camera and the blade gets added to my other already incredibly large sword.
7. A Pimp named arx7arbalest da slickback. (you have to say the WHOLE thing when referring to me.

Posted 7/17/07 , edited 7/17/07

azian wrote:

I'm going to be mysterious

2)Split ?????
3)Shikai-Strong defense and Power
4)Split everything in half even spirit particles
5)Bankai-Close to perfect Speed, Defense, power

6)dragon with a powerful claw, that was killed and the claw was turned into a sword
7)Was out going, now just silent

omfg u even drawed it with ur own handsz?
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