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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
make a story make it good as u can...heres 1
BELIVE THIS CUS IT REALLY HAPPEND TO ME I had a bad day! but it got better in time,my girlfreind just broke up with me cus she thought i was cheating on her, then my cellphone just rang my mom called and said my antie just did and i cried....and then when i forgot to do something important for the whole class i missed it and they all hated me......then when i went home i saw the my cat just died i really cried so much and i thought this day wont get worse so my dad helped my dig a grave for her when i found the spade i saw a some kittens and i called me mom and she thought that she deliverd the kittens i got a little happy.. then the next day in school when i was just walking to school my girlfreind came running to me and apoligize for the misunder standing cus i was with my cusine and she thought she was a another girl and then when i got to class every1 still hatted me... so when the teacher said if we would be able to anser her ridle then no homework she said... when know knew the answer i answersed my answer was correct and whole class was not anygry any more at me any more....i thought this day wouldent get any better!! but it did my uncle the husband of my antie said to me that she has given me like $500.00 cus they r a rich and her will said that to give some money to our family....but the funniest part of this story is that i forgot to watch my anime befor it got removed and u now wat it did!!!! and i thought that was the worst part of my whole day!!!
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