Why I love CR

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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
To be completely honest, my life's a mess. I'm haveing a rough time in college, my grandmother just died and some one stole my piece of crap car. I thought that going to college to learn to be a game designer would be fun...turns out it's a pain in my *explitive*. However shortly after finding Crunchy Roll I re-realized my long term dream to be an english-japanese translator! I was able to get out of the slump I was in and re-registered for my new classes. I'm sorta poor at the moment so you kinda hafta realize how important CR is to my anime cravings...lol! This is why I absolutly love CR

Thank you Shinji

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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
That's nice and all ,but this is in the wrong section >.<... A mod will either move it or close it. But it's nice, CR has helped you re-realize your dreams. =[:^) ]-(--<
Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/16/08
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Crunchyroll's awesomeness

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