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Persona 3

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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08

jette1221 wrote:

Mac_D wrote:

more good news...well knew this was coming...P3 Fes coming out next week..and now the announcement of Persona 4..can't get any better then this..

· Persona 4 announced woot!!

- For Playstation 2
- July 10th release (Japan)
- 85% Complete
- Looks like Persona 3 but better
- 180+ Personas
- Hashino is directing, Soejima is art director and character designer, Meguro is composing
- Takes place in the countryside, a more nostalgic environment
- The theme is murder mystery/suspense, it’s a mystery thriller with twists and turns
- Multiple endings
- 1.5x the size of P3
- 60-70 hours
- There is a weather forecast system, and whenever there is a fog, a murder occurs

here some pics:

Video #1:
Video #2:

Your not pulling my leg, right???
That would be so awesome... Lets hope that this also comes with a soundtrack disk and, of course, great music...

that would be awesome...i'm just happy its been announced...hopefully we don't have wait too long for it to come state side.
Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08
awesome game. played it 3 times and i'm planning to play some more (i still can't max out all social links). Good thing P3FES is coming this april, I'll start all over again from FES. I hope they'll make an anime out of this game (manga is already ongoing)
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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/20/08
great game just finish first time through it but ending was aight
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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/20/08

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