The Contest

Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/16/08
If you read the desciption then you would know that we are having a contest to see wich boy on crunchyroll is the best. Put in the username of a boy, and the picture of his avatar and we shall vote to see if he is the best or not. Only the first 25 boys to get registered shall be judged

Now this contest shall go on for a while. If the person you nominated is in the first 25 then I shall send you and him a message congratulating. And now this shall be very difficult for me to do this but I shall give it my best effort, If this does not work I'm very sorry if you got all pumped. So please help out by getting as many people you can to join this group and chech it out every once in a while.

As i was saying before, Once the nominee receives a message telling him he is in the top 25 then Everyone will read their profile to see how cool the person is, so i sugest you start working on yur profiles boys.

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