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Introduce yourself~~

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27 / F
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Hi there‼I'm Aurelie.
My birthday is on the 28th of January.
I like playing piano♫
My favourite colours are orange and pink
And the anime I prefer the most is Naruto/Naruto Shipuuden.
C ya‼
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25 / F / ph!L!pp!n3$
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
Dana here, 14.. of age...
mm... love cats....
love the baby colors.......
.... f u wanna more of my loved things... just ask me...and feel free to buddy me... I accept all.... friend requestssss don't worry... u'll not gonna be rejected... ^-^
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23 / F / Davao, Philippines
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08

Im Caren Methathha.
I am 12 years old.
Birthday is December 05, 1995
My favorite cute animal/s is puppies, kittens, rabbits/bunnies...
My favorite time of the year is spring which is also my hatest time of the year coz its all goodbyes..
I LOVE Cute things...
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Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08
Im Jenni ^^
My birthdays august 4th
I was invited by red5phoenix
My fravorate animes are those made by Visual Arts/Key (Clannad, Air, Kanon, ect)

I realli love loads of kawaii things, and can sometimes be a ickle hug obsessed ^^
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23 / F / invisible~!!
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08
Hi! My name is Cindy! (or Shindii-chan or Mika-chan or Monkey-chan!)
My birthday is on April 9, 1997
Im a Aries.
I also like many animes.
I love going on the comp and talking to friends and playing on monkeybars.
i also like joining groups on cr!!

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64 / F / Manila
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/5/08
hello, well i'm VHEI...
I'm 20 yrs old...
and Ilove to dance and watch anime..
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
ii am angela :D
birthday is 19th jan, 1994; 14 yrs old; capricon!
ii loves candies! :D
& animes & volleyball.

nice meeting you all!^^
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33 / M
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
Yo. Name's Tovar.
Born on: 11-20
Likes: Action, drama, and romance anime.
Current favorite: ef - a tale of memories.
Cutest girls: Chihiro Shindou, Miyako Miyamura
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
wassup? names Felissa
B-day is on April 20
iimAdOrKabLe... haha ii am a dork lol
ii love alot of animes, and stuff haha
buddy me and i can promiise we can be good friends ^_^
kawaii-desu neh?
plus iim a hyper freak haha [i drink syrup ahha]
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23 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
watashi wa .... (pen name) Truni desu!!!!
birthday: june 13 1995
fav color GREEN
fav animes... shugo chara, kamichama karin, rozen maiden, gakuen alice, sugar sugar rune, kamisama kazoku, kirari revolution...
well ... HAI add me if you want but please ask first!!!

LUV CHU PPL!!! [in a friend way...]
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24 / F / Now in 7th grade....
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/6/08
Hi! I'm Tari! (Call Me Huski or Hu-Chan, Please! -^-^-)

My B-day is on June 10, 1994
Sign: Gemini
Zodiac: Dog
Fave Color: Turqoise
Fave Animal: Red Fox
Fave Word(s):
- Pweez
- Finyed

Fave Picture (BEWARE!!!):
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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/6/08
so i go by sakura ramen, juu juu, or alice.
my bday is january 21
fav animal would be bunnies and birds
addicted to shoujo mangas =]
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27 / M / somewhere tat no1...
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/6/08
ciaossu . Watashi , tezuka takashi ( can call mi tez kun or tak kun also can, but prefer tez kun )
b'dae , 25 feb 1992 ( 16 this year )
fav animal , necko ( kawaii )
fav anime , hmmm almost everything those kawaii love fighting anime all kind i like it .
wat i like to do , sleep ,cosplay , read manga , watch anime , and still sleep *3* .
fav colour , green ( why ? cause i like nature )
fav food , japanese food ( takoyaki !!! fav of the fav )
i live in singapore (choa chu kang ) anybody live there maybe we can go out together and meet each other for movies i dun mind .

buddy mi if u wan ,i dun mind . i wan make more friend !!

like chibi charater a lot !!
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28 / F / Malaysia
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/6/08

*my name is erin,18 years old.
*My birthday is 24th of april,which makes me a Taurus.
*My favorite animal is dogs,because dogs are so cute(and i m a Dog Lover).I have a dog myself,she is sleeping right now,such a lazy dog.
*I like mini cooper,since it is a typical small size car(ya,of course,it is a cute car,MY DREAM CAR!!!!)
*******MY Fav Anime List********
Naruto,Kekkaishi,Ouran High School Host Club,Fruit Basket,Lovely Complex,D.gray-man.
My hobbies of all time~~~~~~~~
-Shopping(i mean every girl like that,right?we are born with it. ,you can;t blame me,just because i like to shop)A Mad Shopaholic!!!
-Sleep or maybe Nap.(i m as lazy as my dog,haha,i guess thats what people said"the dogs will behave like their owner.)
-scribble stuffs on the blank paper(I love drawing,i will draw whenever i feel boring or during the free time.)
-bring my dog out to walk nearby the park,it is so relaxing.

I guess that's all,i m too lazy to write more,so Chiaoz~

Nice to meet you all.
-Listen to music,since Music Is Part of My Life!!!
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45 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
hi there! my name is Shei...I don't know if I still qualify to be called cute coz I'm older than most of you...but I love cute things, esp. guys!!

I'm born on the 3rd day of Sept! I like listening to music and writing poems (If I'm not too lazy!)..

I'm into Big Bang, a Korean hip-hop group (coz all of them are CUTE!!!)

ok, thats about it...will add more later!!! nice to meet all you CUTE guys and gals out there!!!
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