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23 / M / Markham Ontario
Posted 4/5/18 , edited 7/10/18
I got an idea for a manga series, it is a shonen series, but it has mature themes in it, it will probably be serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine then.

The beginning starts like this:

The protagonist is a bully victim to an heir of a national multi-billion dollar conglomerate, and no one dares go near him due to his connections, many people in the school are afraid of him. But the protagonist doesn't wallow in despair, no matter what happens he still has hope within him. The protagonist is one of the top students in his grade and he has a precious childhood friend he can turn to, but the the rich bastard manipulates a group of delinquents into r***** the girl and use her phone to text the protagonist to come to the classroom and witness the scene as he opened the door, the protagonist run devastated on what he saw.

The next day, the protagonist was in a pit of despair, his childhood friend comes to the classroom and asks to come to the top of the roof during lunch. The protagonist comes and meets with her, the childhood friend apologizes to him for the disgraceful action that had happened the day before, but the protagonists didn't accept her apology because it was his own fault for being powerless and he should have tried to stop it. Just as the girl tried to rebuttal, the rich bastard and his group of delinquents shows up and separate the two. The rich bastard explains that he manipulated the girl into tricking the protagonist to come to the rooftop so that he can wallowed in despair. The childhood friend denied it but was interrupted as the rich bastard orders two of the delinquents to r*** her while the protagonist watches. The protagonist fueled by anger tries to punch the rich bastard, but fails as two delinquents stopped him, the rich bastard explains that if the protagonist punches him, he would use his family influence to say that the protagonist r*** his childhood friend and that if the girl denies it, she'll be labeled as a s*** and gets expelled, knowing that if that were to happen his family and childhood friend's would be ruined and lets go of his anger and gives up. Taking advantage of his unwillingness, the rich bastard decided to beat up the protagonist, during the beatings, the protagonist pleads that his childhood friend be let go and just let the rich bastard do what he wants with him, but the rich bastard refuses and explains that he did all this because he doesn't like him and that a bug like him should learn his place and be at the bottom, and as an added bonus he thinks that the girl would make a nice s** slave for him and his father's colleges, the rich bastard continues beating the protagonist up and pushes him across a railing, which breaks causing the protagonist to fall, the protagonist manages to grab to the ledge of the school roof hanging for his dear life, everyone there was shocked at the sight, the rich bastard stops and tries to help him and reach out his hand to help him, just as the protagonist reach out his hand, the rich bastard says "psyche" and stop on his hand that was grabbing the ledge and let the protagonist fall to his death.

During his coma, the protagonist dreams that he is in a white blank world with nothing around him, he sees a light, the protagonist asks if this is the end for him and that is he going to Heaven or Hell..

The protagonist wakes up and finds that he is in a hospital bed, he gets up and find his belongings next to him. He changes into his school uniform, he sees on an electronic clock that it has been a week since he fell, he checked his charts and sees that he's been in a coma during this entire time. The protagonist notice there is no sound in the hospital he was in, he leaves his room to see the hallway ransacked with no patients in sight, the protagonist manages to find a nurse, only to see her eating the flesh of a dead patient, the nurse turns around and attacks, but the protagonist dodges and use an IV Pole to knock the nurse away and escape, the protagonist heard screams and head for the direction of the screams. A mother carries her child from the horde of zombies, the mother trips and let go of her child, the zombies close in and devoured the mother as the child watches in horror, the zombies were about to devour the child, but the protagonist arrives just in time and use the IV Pole to kill all the zombies at the time, the protagonist asks the child if she was okay, the child nodded and looks at the corpse of her dead mother, the protagonist cover her eyes and grieves for her mother while at the same time regretted that he didn't make it in time.

The protagonist carries the child and asks her to hold on to him tight while he holds the IV Pole on his right hand, the protagonist heard something and faces the direction to it and prepare to attack, the sound turns out to be a doctor who was looking for survivors. The protagonist says it was just him and the girl he was carrying. The doctor told him to head for the roof, as many of the survivors are grouping up there. Behind the protagonist the nurse zombie from before appears and howls. The protagonist, girl, and doctor heads towards the staircase and climbs up the roof while a group of zombie chases them. They arrive at the roof where a group of traumatized survivors are trembling with fear, the survivors barricaded the door, hoping it would give themselves time to hatch an escape. The protagonist looks around and see that the city was a disaster area and looks below to a see that zombies are surrounding the hospital, the protagonists thinks about his friends and family and wonders if they are alright. Many of the survivors thought about committing suicide, thinking it will be a less painful than being eaten, the protagonist discourage them from doing so, and says they should at least fight, even if there a slim chance of survival, they will all make it through to the end no matter what.

The protagonist's words gave hope not just them but to himself also, and wonders if he ever survives this, he'll at least want to see his childhood friend and see her face one more time, forgives her actions and will protect her from now on. The barricade begins to break, the protagonist volunteers himself to play decoy while the others head towards the railing at the edge to defend themselves, the survivors comply with his wishes and head towards the edges for the final front. The protagonist manages to divert the zombie's attention onto him and fought using the IV Pole he was using, despite fighting valiantly, he was still outnumber as the zombies pile up on him. In his last thoughts the protagonist apologizes in his mind to his childhood friend and that he couldn't keep his promise to protect her.

The protagonist finds himself in that strange white world again and asks is he dead again. That same light appears and asks if the protagonist wants to live. The protagonist answers yes that he wants to live so he could see his loved ones again. The light liked his answer and asks the protagonist to touch it to return. The protagonist touch the light and it begins to shine.

Back in the real world, the survivors watch in horror as the zombie pile on the protagonist, worrying that they were next. The suddenly something strange happens, the protagonist's body burst into flames and the flames enveloped all the zombies on the roof, incinerating them into ashes. As the dust clears, the survivor watches in awe as surrounded in the ashes of the zombies was the protagonist alive and unscathed, the protagonist was shocked as well that he survived and that he burned all the zombie. But before they could asked what happened. more zombies appears from the stairwell, the protagonist and the survivors prepare to fight back. But a black katana stabbed the lead zombie from behind and slashes the zombie in half as a young man in a black cloak appears and later dispatches the nearby zombies.

Another young man in a black cloak appears and asks if they are the only survivors of the attacks. The survivors nodded. The two young man asks the survivors to come with them to the safe zone. The protagonist asks who were they? The two young men replies:

Apostles of God

Title Work in Progress
Genre: Shounen, Action, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, Mystery, Military, Ecchi, Romance, Mature
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23 / M / Markham Ontario
Posted 6/2/18 , edited 8/31/18
How about this idea for a manga?

Dark Forces from another world are trying to conquer Earth using items stolen from the Magic Kingdom.

This story is about three groups of heroes combating these forces of evil.

1) A group of schoolgirls who can transforms into Magical Girls.

2) Three high school boys with unusual abilities who masquerade as Phantom Thieves.

3) Three teenage descendants of the Shinsengumi who are trained as Police Detectives for a special elite unit.


Magical Idol MHS48
Are a group of schoolgirls (from Middle to High School), who were chosen by the Magic Kingdom in the task of defeating the forces of Darkness. Their members numbers can only be up to 48, there are known slots to be empty. They are a group of magical girls who members changes all the time.

Phantom Thieves Trois
Are a group of high school boys who masquerade as Phantom Thieves. Their mission are to retrieve the cursed treasures before they are held by the wrong hands. The work part-time in a French restaurant.

Kaito Sekito/Kaitou Rouge "The Magician"
赤兎 快斗
CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
The modern-day descendant of Arsene Lupin, his father was a famous magician who was killed due to mysterious circumstances.

Kurosuke Sarutobi/Kaitou Bleu "The Ninja"
猿飛 黒助
CV: Natsuki Hanae
He is from a lineage of skilled ninjas.

Yuu Reishiro/Kaitou Blanc "The Ghost"
霊白 侑
CV: Kensho Ono
An orphan who spends most of his time alone.

Special Police Shinsengumi
The modern descendants of the famous Shinsengumi. They are commanded by the descendant of Isami Kondo. They mission is to maintain the peace from the forces of evil as well as arresting the Phantome Thieves.

Toshikazu Hijikata/Shinsen-Fire
土方 歳一
CV: Mamoru Miyano

Soujiro Okita/Shinsen-Lightning
沖田 宗二郎
CV: MIyu Irino

Kazumi Saitou/Shinsen-Ice
斎藤 一三
CV: Koki Uchiyama
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16 / M / Louisiana, USA
Posted 6/5/18 , edited 7/10/18
8/10 I'd have to see it put together

This story takes place in a world named Prism, due to how many things in the planet seem refracted or bent such as reality, logic, or even morals. On the moon Akumu, resides the 5 Celestial Bodies. These omnipotent beings oversee Prism and devise rules for the world. Long long ago, they rescinded the physical rule of life having a certain amount of power. This was a trial and also a way for them to entertain themselves by seeing what humans can do with what the called "Magic." The plot focuses on Satomi Hiroshi. She recently turned 18 graduating from her Sorcery Training Academy. The graduation ceremony involves each student completing an astral projection ritual individually which sends their soul to Akumu to speak with one of the 5 Celestial Bodies. There they will receive their specialty magic and be given a task to amplify the power of that magic. Satomi speaks with her Celestial and receives the Sharpening Magic, giving her the will over sharp objects and also the ability to sharpen some objects. (This is classified as Assassin-Type Magic.) The condition for her amplification is unique compared to her classmates. She must kill 50 people the Celestial instructs her to kill one at a time without fail. At first hesitant, she realized how bad she wants the amplification. Satomi agrees and is sent back to her body. The name of her first target appears on her wrist. It's her closest friend at the school.

I would plan for this story to explore moral dilemmas as everyone who appears when she needs to kill them has a different situation making it difficult to kill them. It could be someone she knows, someone on hard times, and innocent person, or even just someone horrible that is really strong.
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Posted 7/2/18 , edited 7/10/18
I guess I will make one?
A woman is struggling to make money but once she gets a phone call. The caller was mysterious and, wanted her to kill a group of j-pop idols.
She takes the offer and the caller sends her stuff to get started, and she then auditioned for the j-pop group weeks later. She managed to get in and perform but she actually enjoys singing in the group, and she gets a cash load coming from her pay now.. But later then knows their secrets and still has to kill them. SPOILER TIME
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M / Texas
Posted 7/13/18 , edited 7/13/18
Once upon a time in Tokyo there was a unassuming quite nerdy high school kid who secretly ran a website called Scary-tales which is kinda like creepy pasta and was filled with fake urban legends, rituals, and test of courage. One day while accidentally stuck in the school with some random classmates after hours. They are chased by a pack of deadly dogs through the school and one of them is killed before a daring escape. The kid goes home after taking to police who find no dog and just the victims and the protagonist ends up on their radar as a suspect after they find out he runs a website that featured a murder like that. The kid starts so suffer from other people being attacked in similar ways to his stories and has to investigate the murder/attacks with the help of his childhood friend who is a female athlete whose tough and always looking out for him. The police on the other hand keep stalking him and some officers end up killed making him a huge target. in the end its revealed that one of his websites members was a young girl who died trying one of his fake rituals and her father was a local talented criminal psychologist who lost his mind and is seeking revenge on the protagonist using his connections from law enforcement to frame him and serial killers and psychos he interviewed through out the years to try to kill him. .

I rate MikuMikuNi's killer pop story 8/10
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