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Go Nagai (永井 豪, Nagai Gō born September 6, 1945) is a Japanese mangaka and an important innovator of several genres within anime and manga.

When he was 20 he created Kuro No Shishi ("Black Lion"). In his series Harenchi Gakuen (ハレンチ学園, Shameless School, 1968–1972, Shonen Jump magazine) Nagai used eroticism and extreme, graphic violence in children's comics for the first time in Japan, thus breaking taboos and becoming quite controversial. His use of violence and gross humour was widely loathed in many corners of Japan's society and became a concern for many PTAs at the time. The series ended dramatically when all the characters died during a massacre. This type of content would be a trend in most of Nagai's later work and in those of other directors such as Yoshiyuki Tomino. Though Harenchi Gakuen did not become an anime until an OVA version (Heisei Harenchi Gakuen, or "Modern-Day Shameless School") was released in the mid-1990s, it was adapted into a live-action TV series and several live-action movies.

In 1970, Go Nagai started a company, Dynamic Productions, to fund his manga and anime ventures. Dynamic Productions' first titles were Getter Robo and Abashiri Ikka (あばしり一家, Abashiri Family).

After Harenchi Gakuen Nagai created the Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ) series, later expanded into Great Mazinger, Grendizer, and - many years later - Mazinkaiser, where he developed the concept of giant mecha. Mazinger was the first manga where a giant robot was piloted by the hero, thus creating one of the biggest staples of the industry. Mazinger is considered the first successful "Super Robot" anime show, and has spanned numerous imitations.

Simultaneously to Mazinger, he created one of his most popular series, Debiruman (デビルマン, Devilman), about a demonic hero fighting against hordes of demons. Nagai also turned Devilman into a manga which was more violent and gritty compared to the original. Years later Nagai revamped this popular series by introducing the main character as a female and altering the storyline. This series is called Devilman Lady (デビルマンレディー, Devil Lady in the U.S.). It was first released as a manga and then later as an anime just as Devilman. Go Nagai considers the Devilman series, as well as the Mazinger series, as being his life's work due to their massive popularity all over the world.

Another long-running series, Violence Jack (ヴァイオレンス ジャック) spanned multiple volumes and dealt with a giant brute of a man fighting evil warlords in a post-apocalyptic setting where Japan has been devastated by a massive earthquake and isolated from the rest of the world.

One of Nagai's most popular works outside of his fanbase has been Cutey Honey, considered to be one of the first "magical girl" comics and a major influence on future series in the genre, in particular Sailor Moon. Nagai had less success a few years later with Majokko Tickle, a more traditional magical-girl series for younger children, although the accompanying anime was popular on TV in some European countries.

In 1980, he received the 4th Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen for Susa-no-O.

Nagai has worked with Shotaro Ishinomori and Ken Ishikawa. He is currently being more prolific in manga production than ever. Much of Nagai's work has been adapted into anime and tokusatsu.

Nagai also made a cameo appearance in The Toxic Avenger Part II.

Titles created by Go Nagai:

* Abashiri Ikka (あばしり一家)
* Allah-kun (アラーくん)
* Battle Hawk
* Black Lion (黒の獅士)
* Cutey Honey (キューティーハニー)
* Delinquent in Drag (おいら女蛮, Delinquent in Drag, Sukeban Boy)
* Demon Lord Dante (魔王ダンテ)
* Devilman (デビルマン)
* Devilman Lady (デビルマンレディー)
* Dororon Enma-kun (ドロロンえん魔くん)
* CB Go Nagai world
* Getter Robo (ゲッターロボ)
* Getter Robo G (ゲッターロボ G)
* Getter Robo: Armageddon In this series, Shin Getter Robo is introduced.
* Gloizer X (グロイザーX)
* Hanappe Bazooka
* Harenchi Gakuen ("Shameless School")
* Iron Virgin Jun (鉄の処女JUN)
* Jushin Liger (獣神ライガー)
* Kama Sutra
* Kekko Kamen (けっこう仮面)
* Kotetsu Jeeg (鋼鉄ジーグ) (Steel Jeeg)
* Majokko Tickle
* Machine Saurer (マシンザウラー)
* Mazinger Z (クマジンガーZ) - aired on U.S. television in the 1980s under the title TranZor Z
* Great Mazinger (グレ-トマジンガ-)
* Mazinkaiser (マジンカイザー)
* Pro-Wres No Hoshi Astekaizer
* Shuten Douji (手天童子)
* UFO Robot Grendizer (UFOロボ グレンダイザー)
* Venger Robo
* Violence Jack (バイオレンス ジャック)
* X Bomber (Xボンバー) (AKA: Star Fleet)
* Wild Cardz

But, seriously. If you don't know who Go Nagai is, or what Mazinger Z is and you call yourself a mecha fan. You fail at mecha anime.
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the infamous oppai missiles, enjoy

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hmm havent watched any of those lol
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sounds ok to me....nt really interestin...
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so is da guy who inspired ppl to draw gundam?
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Dendetsu wrote:

But, seriously. If you don't know who Go Nagai is, or what Mazinger Z is and you call yourself a mecha fan. You fail at mecha anime.

This is somewhat true.
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Go Nagai is one of the masters for sure, I am a huge fan of his work . He also created modern erotic manga as well. The anime and manga community owe him a great deal of respect for shaping the way manga and anime are presented these days.
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He also created the modern Magical Girl Show too, nude transformations and all! XD And about a dozen other standard anime cliches too! XD Go Nagai truely IS the Steve Allen of anime! XD
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~ Outdated thread.
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Dead thread.

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